Sydney is one of the most picture-worthy and breathtaking places in Australia. New South Wales’s capital city welcomed at least 12 million domestic visitors and as many as 4.1 million visitors from around the world. Tourists fly to the city to see various attractions like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Tower, and all the parks and museums around the city.

Because of the scenic areas all over Sydney, it must come with a good camera to capture all the beautiful places in a photograph. To reduce the number of gadgets you must bring while travelling, you may bring a smartphone, like your trusted iPhone. But there are times when your smart device malfunctions while in the middle of your trip. Fortunately, there are plenty of service providers offering iPhone repair in Sydney that can help you fix your problem.

Here are some of the most usual iPhones’ problems and how the service providers providing iPhone repair in Sydney restore them.

#1: The Dreaded White Screen Of Death

One of the scariest things that would happen in your iPhone is the sudden appearance of the White Screen Of Death. It usually emerges after a failed upgrade, a hardware problem, or after jailbreaking your phone.

Some iPhone users can fix this problem by restarting their device. But if the issue is not solved, you may need to do a hard reset or boot the smartphone in the Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode. If these solutions refuse to work, you may have to let the experts from a reliable service provider offering iPhone repair in Sydney.

#2: iPhone Battery Problems

Nothing is more annoying than seeing the ‘Low Battery’ notification even if you charged your device for hours. Battery draining problems are very rampant among most iPhone users worldwide. It often happens after an iOS upgrade.

Since you need your iPhone for plenty of apps like booking your Uber ride, navigating Sydney’s streets through Google Maps, or researching your next destination, you must ensure that your battery is in the best condition. Close all the unnecessary apps to save battery juice or take it to the repair centre to check if the problem persists.

#3: The Black Screen

There are plenty of reasons why your iPhone’s screen turns black. It includes accidental dropping, app update, malware, water spills, firmware, and jailbreak.

If the black screen does not go away even after charging your iPhone, you can restore it to the factory setting through iTunes. However, this process can lead to data loss. You may also choose to do a Stellar Data Recovery for your device to recover all your missing photos and videos, music, messages, and contact details.

#4: Overheating iPhone

You may receive a glaring notification saying that you must cool down your iPhone before you can use it. The message means that your device is starting to heat up. News about exploding iPhones is not new, but you would not want to experience it, especially while you are on a relaxing trip to Sydney.

One of the fast fixes for overheating iPhones is taking the device away from direct heat or sunlight and transferring it to a cooler place. You may also remove the iPhone case to reduce its temperature. It will also help if you will update your device to a new iOS.

When all else fails, you must know the authorised iPhone repair service provider’s contact details in the place where you plan to stay in Sydney. It will assure you that you will enjoy using your phone throughout the trip.