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VP Associates, Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Tax Advisers, Registered Auditors and Business Advisers, are Crawley Accountants, serving Crawley, Brighton and London business community. With over 30 years in the business of saving tax for individuals and businesses, VP Associates have assembled a team of Accounts and taxation experts who can help businesses evaluate and manage […]

F-Secure Business Predictions: Cyber ​​Security Threats in 2019

New types of threats will appear in 2019, but cybercriminals will also develop proven methods – including sending spam. The place of malware that blocks data and extorts ransom (Ransomware) is already massively occupied by cryptocurrency excavators extorting the computing power of our devices (Cryptojacking). Artificial intelligence will be increasingly used in both security solutions […]

Times Interest Earned Ratio | Analysis | Formula

Times Interest Earned Ratio | Analysis | Formula The times interest earned ratio is an indicator of a corporation’s ability to meet the interest payments on its debt. The times interest earned ratio is calculated as follows: the corporation’s income before interest expense and income tax expense divided by its interest expense. The larger the times interest earned ratio, the more likely that […]

Credit Collection Services

Credit Collection Services Credit collection services are provided by collection agencies which apply a wide range of credit recovery methods. Such Credit recovery are used for successful collection of outstanding receivables and bad debts. The DCAs (Debt Collection Agencies) serve different industries in order to provide professional help for businesses. Such agencies supply these businesses with a range of high-quality […]

Ultimate Youtube Video Ideas

Ultimate Youtube Video Ideas Our list of potential first YouTube video ideas will be divided into four sections, with 25 entries each. The sections are, as follows: General, Gaming, Howto/Education, Technology. General will cover general ideas, though plenty of them will be relevant to Comedy and Fashion YouTube. Gaming will exclusively cover Gaming YouTube video ideas, while […]

What is Gross Revenue and How to Calculate?

What is Gross Revenue and How to Calculate? Gross revenue is the total amount of sales recognized for a reporting period, prior to any deductions. This figure indicates the ability of a business to sell goods and services, but not its ability to generate a profit. Deductions from gross revenue include sales discounts and sales returns. When these deductions are netted against […]