Having a website is almost essential in today’s business landscape. For many companies, the website is the foundation of the business.

While having a website is important, you need to do more than build it and let it sit online. Your website will need traffic if you want to achieve your business goals.

While you might get a little traffic just by having a website, it won’t be enough. You will need to engage in various strategies to attract website visitors. This can be especially important for new websites.

What can you do to boost traffic to your new website? Read on for a few tips.

Pick a Good Domain Name

If you are still building the website, you might want to put more thought into the domain name you use. A website’s domain can affect SEO and traffic. There are several points you can consider when selecting a domain name. One idea is to use keywords in the name. You should also pay attention to the domain extension. Popular extensions like .com tend to perform better. Shorter, simpler domain names also do well.

Optimize Website Performance

Performance can impact website traffic in many ways. One obvious issue is the way performance affects the user experience. If the site is slow or glitchy, people won’t want to use your website and they won’t come back. It can also hurt your bounce rate, which can impact your search rankings. Search engines also push sites with poor performance down in the search rankings, so it will make your site hard to find.Focus on speed and usability to create a website people will want to engage with.

Use the Right Keywords

Keyword research is the foundation of your SEO strategy. When you use the right keywords in the right way, it can help your website and its pages rank better for relevant search terms. The first point is to perform keyword research. There are various tools that make keyword research easy. Beyond that, you need to develop a strategy for using the keywords.

Develop a Content Strategy

Having a basic website won’t do much to help you get more visitors. By working on a strategy to add more content and keep it fresh, you can get more traffic. As a start, adding content can offer more ways to target a wider array of keywords. It also gives search engines more pages to index. Along with that, it also shows search engines that your site is active. Having a blog on your site and posting to it regularly can be one of the best ways to get more content on your site.

Get Backlinks to Your Site

Links from other websites can do a lot to help you get more traffic. To start, the link could direct visitors from the other site to your website. Along with that, backlinks act as a signal of relevance and quality for search engines. Writing good content is one way to get more backlinks. You could also reach out to other websites to see if they will link to your site. There is also the option of paying for an SEO backlinks building service. These businesses handle the work of getting backlinks from other sites to yours.

Be Ready for Mobile Users

Today’s businesses should expect a significant percentage of traffic to come from mobile users. If your site is only ready for desktop, it won’t provide a good experience. This is another case where it will hurt your bounce rate. Along with that, search engines prioritize sites that offer a good mobile experience for people searching on mobile devices. If you want to get a lot of traffic from these users, you will need to follow the best practices for making a mobile-friendly website.

Create Landing Pages

Business websites should create landing pages for different goals. You should also have landing pages for different products and services. With dedicated landing pages for different purposes, it allows you to create content tailored to the goal. It can also be more effective for SEO and keyword usage. The landing pages can also work if you are using different advertising methods like PPC campaigns.

Use Social Media

Having a presence on social media can also be a great way to steer more traffic to your site. You can post all sorts of content and include links to pages on the site. This is another way you can benefit from having dedicated landing pages. It also gives people another place to find you online. Once they find you on social media, you can then direct them to your site. Business owners can also consider various forms of social media ads to get more traffic.

These tips can help small businesses get more traffic to their new websites. With that said, it takes time for the efforts to start paying off. You need to be patient and consistent.