We are definitely living in a digital age, of which there is little doubt and the arrival of 3D scanning technology has revolutionised the way we do things. While you probably are aware of 3D printing, scanning is a branch of the same tech, creating digital map points that enable you to create perfect digital replications of just about anything.

Here are a few things about laser scanning you probably weren’t aware of.

  1. Smartphone Scanning is Here Already – Yes, that powerful smartphone can actually carry out digital scanning, using the hi-res camera, while a land area surveyor would use a cloud point data system to carry out accurate laser scanning. Of course, you need to download a mobile app to do some smartphone scanning, there are many at Play Store, some free and some not. What does the future hold? Once you have a 3D printer, simply scan the object you want to create and voila!
  2. Land Surveyors Use Laser Scanning – We’ve all seen the land surveyor with his tripods and special scopes, yet land surveyors now use laser scanning, which is fast, safe and very accurate. If you are planning to extend your factory, talk to a local land survey firm and they can quickly provide you with an accurate digital map from which to base your drawings.
  3. Laser Scanning is Widely Used in the Construction Industry – Most surveyors rely heavily on 3D laser scanning and as this method is quick, the project deadlines are met, while costs are kept down. If you are about to renovate your home or are looking to knock-down and rebuild, search online for a leading Thai land surveyor, who has all the laser scanning solutions. Here are a few tips to boost your YouTube video hits.
  4. Cloud Data Points – This is the core of laser scanning, the equipment creates as many cloud data points as you need and within a few minutes, you have your digital map. The data from the laser is transferred to the equipment, which then recreates the digital image and this is the most accurate way to survey anything. Cloud point data empowers many industries and sectors and with online providers of cloud data point laser scanning, you can easily contact the best provider in Thailand.
  5. 3D Scanning Helps Renovation – When a building is handed over to the owners, they would include the digital data initially taken at the start of the development, which can help in many ways. Having a 100% accurate digital blueprint of the building is invaluable when you wish to extend or renovate and this data should be backed up. If you are planning to buy land and build a house in Thailand, click here.

Laser scanning is already part of our lives and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon and with some online searching, you can learn about the many ways that laser scanning can be utilised.