Are you struggling to figure out the best ways to promote your services? Well, you are (a) not in this alone, and (b) we have you covered.

Finding a service or product to sell is only the beginning of landing a profitable business. Now you have to get out and spread the word. After all, promoting a business is essential if you want to set yourself apart from your competitors to fulfill your customers’ needs.

Before the advent of social media, promoting your business was a matter of deciding between a brochure, a flyer, a postcard, or an ad in the local newspaper. All of these came with a tremendous cost for a small business trying to take flight. But that’s not the case anymore!

In today’s digital world, there are many different ways for a small fledgling business to get the word of their services or products out to prospective consumers – many of them free.

In this post, we’re going to cover some of the most effective ways to promote your services/product, whether you have a limited budget or no budget at all.

1. Conventions & Trade Shows

Expos and trade shows are one of the never-getting-out-of-style ways to get eyes on your services all at once. You can also offer early access or pre-launch purchases for new products/services through trade shows and events.

Since we’re on the topic of events and expos, Las Vegas seems like the perfect location to host events as it is known for its world-class entertainment. And where there’s a trade show, there is a tremendous need for props. That said, you can finda range of options by simply searching for ‘trade show banners las vegas nv’ near me’ and find unique choices. While all events will have costs involved “(shipping products, travel costs, table fees, signage, etc.), you can find regional or local events to minimize the expenses.

Furthermore, the benefit of hosting events lies in promoting your services and the fact that you will be able to capture data from show attendees. Later on, you can use this information to follow up after an expo, even if you couldn’t close a deal in person.

2. Postcard Promotion is Always a Good Idea

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the effectiveness of direct mail is skyrocketing, according to Forbes. Postcards – in a variety of formats and sizes – can be an inexpensive and attention-grabbing way to reconnect with people you haven’t heard from in a long time and reach new audiences as well.

An optometrist in an eyeglass shop, for instance, could send a postcard providing discounts on eyeglasses along with a reminder to schedule an appointment to uphold eye health.

Furthermore, direct mail performs predominantly within multichannel campaigns, whereas customized mailing cards can boost response rates by 50%, and response rates are 41% higher when combined with other marketing efforts. What’s more, there are plenty of address finders that can help you match physical mailing details to different contacts if you already have their email addresses.

3. Pay Per Click 

Never underestimate the power of Google; it is an advertising machine.

Did you know? More than half of Google’s profits come from the Google Ads platform.

The growth in the fame of Google ads over the past decades has been shocking. As of 2019, there were almost 160 billion+ monthly Google searches. Businesses, small or big, make an average of $2 with every $1 they spend on ads –called Pay Per Click advertising.

One of the many benefits of PPC advertising is that you only pay for what users click on. Whether you are a startup or a large business, you can use the power of the search engine for a small price.

Furthermore, the ability to test and target specific marketplaces and run niche crusades means that buyer interest is considerable. It is a remarkable low-cost marketing strategy and a fantastic way to attract prospective clients and customers.

Perhaps the only drawback is the competition from other enterprises working in the same industry. After all, Google Ads is an easy-to-access platform; hence, most popular markets have several advertisers competing for the top spot.

4. Share your Content

To share your content, have a blog first!

It would be best if you created a blog that displays your expertise and a genuine desire to assist your audience in every way possible. It is the perfect promotional idea for a business to increase its audience and advertise its services.

So don’t just publish posts on your website – promote them! Via email newsletters, social media, or even turn them into downloadable and convenient guides to gather more leads. Better yet, if you create content with shareability in mind, your posts will likely be noticed by other credible platforms which will link back to your website on social media feeds or even their website – promoting your services for you.

5. Request for Reviews

A handful of national and local websites and directories allow customer reviews. Therefore, encourage your buyers to write reviews about your services or products. Whether positive or negative, reviews make your business more reliable to future clients and can be lessons learned for you as well.

The best way to lure in reviews is to have a comment section on your website. Also, ensure to record customer feedback somewhere noticeable on your website so that others can discover the results.


As you can see, there are many options for promoting your services to a larger audience, no matter your resources. Incorporating these strategies into your business regime is sure to pay off, especially if you regularly evaluate and modify your approach. Furthermore, consistently trying fresh tactics based on the data you gather about your customers will help you maintain a steady stream of new connections. The trick to success is to use what you know, thrive on what you learn, and always look for ways to grow and improve. So take the above-said strategies to heart and soar to new heights.