The number of trade shows dipped in 2020 as a result of the global pandemic. In 2021, with progress being made on all fronts, the number of trade shows is already back on the rise.

Are you considering setting up your own booth at a trade show in your industry? Chances are you’re trying to decide if it’s worth the investment of your money and time.

We’re here to tell you that trade shows are well worth the investment. There are tons of unbeatable benefits of participating in a trade show that you’re going to want to know about.

Read on for seven unique ways that trade shows can boost your business this year.

1. Boost Your Brand Recognition

If you want your business to prosper, you need to build brand recognition. Being recognized has always been important for sales, as clients and consumers are far more likely to gravitate toward a business that they’ve heard of than one they haven’t.

Now, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to build a brand with a distinct personality. For example, over 60% of consumers now report that they’re more likely to patronize a business that supports causes that are important to them. Ultimately, people don’t want to just know what you do; they want to know who you are.

With a customized trade show exhibit, you can let your brand and personality shine. Visit to learn more about having your own trade show exhibit fully customized.

2. Get Face-to-Face Time With Clients and Consumers

We live in a highly digital world and most of our marketing campaigns are centered around our online presence. Having a strong digital footprint is important to your business’s success, but face-to-face marketing still takes the cake.

It’s not often that you get to spend several hours talking to potential clients and consumers who want to learn more about your business. Trade shows allow you to do exactly that and the personal touch of face-to-face marketing can make all the difference.

3. Build Leads and Close Sales

Trade shows are industry events, which means that you’re just about guaranteed that everyone in attendance has some stake or interest in your industry. During a trade show, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to close sales, but you also get a chance to build a strong list of leads.

To build your list of leads, we highly recommend getting a badge scanner. To close sales, all you have to do is offer trade show pricing and other incentives.

4. Get to Know Your Competition

When you attend a trade show, you’re not locked into your own exhibit the entire time. Take the opportunity to look around at other exhibits and take note of what you see.

How is your competition branding themselves? How are they marketing their products or services? Do they offer anything that you don’t and can you learn from what they’re doing?

Usually, getting to know the competition is something you can only really do online. At a trade show, you have a chance to see all of your competition in action, and it can be a powerful learning experience.

5. Network Within Your Industry

Browsing the other exhibits isn’t all about sizing up the competition. It’s also important to network within your industry or within related industries.

Businesses often thrive with the help of other businesses in the community and trade shows are perfect examples of how that can work. Take the time to build lasting relationships with other business owners. This will allow you to work together, host events together, and more.

6. Debut New Products or Services

One of the biggest reasons that consumers love a good trade show is that many businesses use it as an opportunity to debut new products or services. Trade show attendees are interested in your industry and they’re even more interested in the latest technology or research coming out of it. Better still, they tend to have buying power.

When you offer a new product or service combined with discounted trade show pricing, you’re guaranteed to give that new product or service a strong start. Consumers will love the opportunity to experience a new product or service firsthand before making a decision. They’ll love the opportunity to save money even more!

7. Get Instantaneous Customer Feedback

Perhaps one of the most unique things about setting up an exhibit at a trade show is the access it gives you to your target customers. Of course, it’s great to close sales and build leads. It’s also important to take this time to learn from your ideal customer.

How are trade show attendees interacting with your exhibit? What questions are they asking about your products or services? What needs do they have that they’re hoping to fulfill and can your products or services fulfill them as is?

Pay attention to all of these factors (you can even take notes!) so that you leave your next trade show more prepared to satisfy your customers.

Don’t Underestimate Trade Shows

If your industry is hosting a trade show near you, you’ve probably been deciding whether or not you should attend. We hope that our list of the unique benefits of participating in trade shows has given you the answer you need. At the end of the day, trade shows are unparalleled and absolutely worth the investment!

Looking for more ways to amplify your business strategy? Ready to make your budget and marketing go the extra mile? Take a look around for helpful guides, tips, and industry news.