Setting up a successful business, in today’s technologically-driven world, requires a deeper understanding ofaudience-behavior dynamics. Brands and businesses that are taking advantage ofmodern technology and digital tools are staying ahead of their competitors. Market research tools generate vital statistics and analysis for data-driven decisions. The more you rely on facts and statistics, the more your business will grow and excel.

We have gathered a list of the best market research tools that can help you navigate the tough competitive world of today’s modern business.

Google Keyword Tool (Free)

Google keyword tool is the best marketing research tool that can give you a detailed account of consumers’ behavior patterns. This tool tracks the volume, competition, and relevancy of keywords in Google searches.

You can use Google Keyword by making an account on Google Adwords.Using it, you’ll be able to target the most-searched queries in your niche. The features provided by the Keyword planner include searches for keywords in specific languages, by geographical location, on mobile devices or desktop devices, and a number of other highly specialized marketing metrics that can help you up your consumer reach in no time.

It doesn’t matter whatever business you’re in, this tool will help you reach customers in a targeted manner. To illustrate, let’s say you have a self-storage business—a business model that serves homeowners by renting out space for storing items—you’ll need to address the market directly and let your potential customers know that your company is in business. Keyword Planner will help you search for targeted self storage internet marketing keywords that are highly relevant to your niche and dominate the self-storage market in your area.

GrowthBar (Free Trial)

By using GrowthBar, you cando market research like a pro. It is the quickest and easiest market research tool that allows you to conduct valuable research on your competitors. You can gather data, such as domain authority, organic traffic, top organic and paid keywords, suggested keywords, top backlinks, keyword search volume, of any website by using GrowthBar.

These data-driven results help you to tailor your marketing strategy in a way that your business stays ahead of the competitors. Make use of this marketing research tool to create fast-ranking content by entering any keyword and instantly getting a content outline. It will fast track your SEO content writing journey without putting in a lot of effort.

Social Mention (Free)

Social Mention is a powerful yet simple-to-use tool that generates real-time data from more than 100 social media sites, including popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It works as a social media search engine and tracks the results from across the social web. You can find pictures, videos, blogs, posts, based on the keywords you put in. Social Mention displays four keywords-related features:

  • Strength: How often does a keyword appear on the social media.
  • Sentiment: The ratio of positive vs. negative mentions on social media.
  • Passion: How frequently do people reference a specific keyword in their interactions.
  • Reach: How many individual users mention your keywords.

Google Trends (Free)

Google Trends works like Social Mention except that it shows trends from all over the Internet instead of from just the social media platforms. You can get an instant snapshot of consumer behavior, not only from social media but from all over the Internet. By using Google Trends, you stand to avail the following benefits:

  • Get the percentage of your keyword search out of total search volume over a particular time.
  • Refine results based on keywords and geographical area.
  • Find comparative keyword research and uncover keyword spikes triggered by events.
  • Get a more comprehensive perspective on the news, posts, opinions, and perceptions affecting your business.

Think with Google (Free)

Think with Google is a great marketing research tool that can help you uncover market trends by giving you a detailed account of customers’ behaviors. It comes in handy for collecting high-level insights, statistics, and marketing metrics. Think with Google makes your marketing campaigns more engaging and productive by using content and data from Google. It generates trends in real-time and shows competitor scorecards.

Google Analytics (Free)

Google Analytics serves as the most popular marketing research tool that trackswebsite performance. It tells us about web traffic and about customer behavior when they’re on our website. For instance, you can see what are the most and least viewed products on your website, which ones are the hot-selling products,how visitors are interacting with your social media channels, etc. It is extremely useful for online stores and e-commerce websites that rely on website performance for sales and expansion of their businesses. By doing it right, you can maximize your sales as well as customers’ experience on the website.

Site Profiler (Free – Pro starts from $29.90/mo)

To successfully run a business, you must have the correct information on your market competitors. SiteProfiler is a tool that provides you with a wealth of competitor information by simply putting their URL in the search option. Metrics provided on the competition include their web traffic information, social media insights, keyword analysis data, and popularity rankings.

You can also get information on Domain Authority, Page Authority, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Alexa Rank, backlinks, only by using this one tool.

Moreover, SiteProfiler shows you the top trending content on the website with the web trafficstatistics. You can also gain information about the gender, age, location, and interests of the website visitors. This tool has the potential of giving you a comprehensive view of the of a website’s strengths and weaknesses and covers other essential details, like relevant keywords or subjects, that you might be competing for with a particular website.

Survey Monkey (Free – Premium starting from $34.00/mo)

SurveyMonkey is a type of market research tool that provides you with an online platform to conduct surveys. It is a very common and powerful tool that enables you to create and run professional online surveys for various purposes. For example, a quick poll, market research, competitive analysis, customer survey, and employee feedback. It is a user-friendly software that allows you to create surveys according to a defined target audience. Furthermore, it has an additional feature of offering direct social media links for businesses. You can send or email surveys to a large number of participants by using SurveyMonkey.

Final Thoughts

Businessesthat rely on innovative marketing channels and tools to promote and sell their products or services normally achieve better results than their peers who don’t. These market research tools not only save youtime in collecting consumer data but also provide tailored and cost-effective solutions to the customers’ needs.