Just think for a moment; what the primary objective of the organization and the number one challenge faced while achieving the business goals is? Enhancing business growth is the main focus of the marketers while making them find lead generation the most challenging process.

There are no two opinions that the lead generation process helps organizations to increase their business productivity, but it has its own challenges. Like one needs to know who to target, how to target, and when to target. So, if you want to make your business grow and thrive, then an individual needs to have an in-depth understanding of lead generation.

No matter whether you are a newbie or a professional marketer, this top-level guide will help you to understand the concept of lead generation, including examples and tools.

What is a Lead Generation and Why your Business Needs it

Lead generation can be considered the blood of your business. It is basically the process to attract prospects who can further be converted into customers as well as promoters. Always remember that the higher the lead generation ratio, the better will be your business growth. Hence, it can be considered that lead generation and business productivity are directly proportional to each other.

Organizations that focus on lead generation are successful in making 50% more sales without breaking their bank. With the help of lead generation, businesses can easily build an online presence, generate awareness among the people, improve ROI, and build better relations.

So, if you also want to scale your business, catch the eyes of potential visitors and make better relationships with the customers, then make sure your lead generation process is effective and appropriate.

Now, let’s jump onto the process of lead generation.

Process of Lead Generation

If you are pondering over where to start the lead generation process, then you need not fret! The below-mentioned points will guide you to convert visitors into leads successfully.

This is how you can acquire leads effectively

Start your lead generation process by attracting visitors with appealing and instructive content. Furthermore, you can use this creative content to generate leads through inbound marketing and using various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc.

As per the research conducted by statista, there are around 2.65 billion people who are using social media, which will increase to almost 3.1 billion by 2021.

You can create both short and long content to generate a visitor’s interest. Once the visitor lands on your website and is willing to fill the form to access informative and engaging content like eBooks, whitepaper, etc. then it can be said that the visitor is interested in availing your services/products and is now a newly generated lead.

Start Nurturing the Generated leads

If you want to take your quality lead to the next stage in the sales funnel, then make your prospects feel like an executive member and try to generate a positive customer experience.

Once you are successful in retaining the customer’s interest, then you would be able to build a long-term relationship that involves both loyalty and trust.

To nurture the leads, you can send informative content like appealing explainer videos, newsletters, etc., via emails. If the acquired lead shows interest by clicking on the respective links, then it’s the right time to take your leads to the next step of the buyer’s journey, which is conversion.

Convert potential leads into Customers

It is one of the most important stages of the buyer’s journey. In this stage, you need to understand who your lead is and what they are actually craving for. Once you are able to identify your quality leads, then you will get closer to converting a lead to a potential customer and, eventually, your promoters.

It is the responsibility of the sales team to retain the trust as well as the interest of the leads to make them purchase your products/services.

Once the lead decided to make a purchase and paid a handsome amount of money, then it implies that your nurtured lead is now converted to your customer and is at the last stage of the buyer’s journey.

Now, your converted lead is in the hands of the service team. They are responsible for offering excellent services to the customers and clear all their doubts, and retain those customers over time.

The sales process can be improved by evaluating where your leads drop off. Once you are able to identify the weaknesses, then it would be easy for you to recapture warm leads and improve sales.

Therefore, make sure you monitor each benchmark of your lead’s journey to keep your leads interested in your business. Also, try to experiment with new things and implement new strategies to delight the customers and understand what works best for your business.

5 Amazing Lead Generation Tools You Can Use

Do you want to generate leads effortlessly? No worries! The below-mentioned tools will help you to perform the lead generation process in less time.

#1- Uplead

If you want to access 30+ million contacts instantly, then Uplead will help you to reach your business targets and generate more leads. This tool allows marketers to easily find their next ideal customer by downloading their contact details. So, get ready to enhance business growth with targeted sales leads.

#2- LeadQuizzes

If you are planning to generate leads by publishing a quiz and feel difficulty, then the lead quizzes tool will allow you to accelerate sales by creating high converting quizzes. It is a commonly used lead generation software that assists users in generating more leads quickly.

It provides impressive case studies that help the users to succeed in their mission. So, don’t worry about generating leads through quizzes. Get yourself familiar with LeadQuizzes software.

#3- Pushcrew

As we all are familiar with, push notifications are one of the ways to nurture leads. If you face a challenge in creating excellent push notifications that further increases your website subscribers, then the Pushcrew tool is there for you. It will not only help you to improve your website traffic but also helps the marketers to nurture quality leads.

#4- Lead Forensics

If you want to know about the companies that are viewing your website but slipping through the cracks, then you should take advantage of Lead Forensics. Lead Forensics will tell you about your website visitors who did not fill the form through their IP address. The gathered information will help you to convert the visitor into leads as they are already familiar with your business.

#5- Lead Connect

It is one of the commonly used lead automation tools that help you personalize multiple follow-ups and generate leads without investing extra time and effort. By using this tool, you can set 6 follow-up messages for each person who will assist you in converting a quality lead to a potential customer.

So, get ready to create enormous traffic to your business/website and improve high conversion rates by evaluating the right visitor at the right time via lead generation tools without putting in the extra effort.

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Key Takeaway

Generating quality leads for business is not a cakewalk. It needs appropriate strategies, ideas, examples, tools, etc. If the chosen strategies fit your business, then it would be easy for you to start generating tons of leads and escalate ROI.

Hopefully, the points mentioned in this comprehensive guide will help you to nurture quality leads that can further be converted into customers. So, what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and make sure your lead generation process is smooth and excellent.

Still having second thoughts? Feel free to ask in the comment section below.