Many bloggers choose to write anonymously. Usually, all we know about them is what they want to tell us. With the spread of social networks and the emergence of some hidden publishing sites such as The Doe, one question has been raised: Why do writers continue to hide their identity?

With many online sites, everyone can now easily upload any content from any place worldwide. These platforms can be used anonymously without the need to create a user account. Most of them do not require any verification before publishing your posts. Anonymity and freedom of expression are therefore guaranteed.

Imagine that you want to bring up a taboo topic in your community, such as sex, drugs, etc. You will most likely face severe attacks from members of your community. But anonymous posting will make you face all these troubles by saying what you want without anyone knowing that you are the owner of the post. And this is the basis. It is not important who is behind the publication, but rather what the text contains!

After you raise the forbidden topic, the people in your community are divided between those who support the proposal and those who oppose it. Thus, they will start a dialogue on various issues to reach a common result that will reflect positively on society.

Also, anonymous posting allows you to criticize anything you want with complete audacity. For example, if you worked in a company for years and you did not get along with your boss or co-workers, or you had any observations on the work style, you will often be reluctant to speak publicly about your observations so that it does not cause you problems. Then you may resort to writing an article criticizing the company and publish it without your name on a site, or for example, you may send an email to your manager objecting to his actions via an email with a random address, so you will be one of the people who send about 15,000 anonymous emails per day!

In certain circumstances and in countries where freedom of expression does not exist and where the slightest publication that displeases the power in place can lead you directly to prison or death, this anonymity is necessary when one wishes to express his or her ideas freely.

In conclusion, the individual must express his or her opinion on any issue publicly or anonymously. If you have an opinion, it means that you exist. Feel free to say whatever you want without letting anyone know who you are. Show us how you think and tell us more about your experiences in life. We cannot wait to hear about your new stories. Do not be afraid of negative criticism, nobody is perfect, just write, and with practice, you will be a master!

Keep in mind that TheDoe will always offer you the space to post anonymously.

So what are you waiting for until you publish your first text?!