If you want to make some extra cash to payservices like Thesis Rush or turn your hobby into a successful business, then you should start running your own business while at university. Santander states that one in ten university students run their own business and studies, and only one-fifth plan to continue with their business when they graduate.

Steps to start a side hustle

  • Write down a business plan
  • Get to know your tax responsibilities
  • Have insurance
  • Control your budget
  • Secure finance and funding
  • Business ideas for students on campus

Selling on eBay

You can sell anything online, but you need to know your customer’s or your consumers’ needs and services. You should also consider the profit margin in a business. Hence, you can buy goods in bulk with a wholesaler or sell vintage clothes or homemade items.

Check out what can be sold easily and test out the products with your peers.

Design craft products

If you are talented in artistic stuff, you can start by making jewelry, candles, or selling your own framed art prints. You should be aggressive when doing this. Get to know the events for crafters, especially around campus, festive season, and later you can open your stall in a local market.


Tutoring can be very liable. Your knowledge and specific materials for the subject will be enough for you to start. And if everything goes well, you can start offering online services too. You could tutor first-year students in your specialized subject or school-age kids in math and English.

Social media influencer

You can make money without leaving your bedroom by promoting brands on your social media account, and through this, you will be able to earn some money. You will need to find your niche and post a few times a week.

Have a YouTube Channel

You need to have sound equipment, nice background, and a camera. You can document the ups and downs of being a student, makeup tutorials, fashion blogging, or even travel blogs. It will take some time, but you might be able to earn through channel membership or advertising revenue. Check out business ethics paper topics to get some interesting ideas for your channel.

Dog walking

You need to know almost everything about dogs. Training and licenses are key. You need to know how you will attract your clients, have a passion for dogs, and how much you will charge to offer dog walking services.

Become a freelancer

Freelancing opportunities also include Copywriting, writing blogs and news articles, photography, and graphic design. It is one way of earning some money with lots of hard work and networking.

Food and Beverage business

If you have a passion for cooking and baking and follow the regulations for selling food to the public, you are good to go. You could also deliver meals and offer cooking classes.


When you follow all these guidelines, then the chances of your business failing will be close to zero. Know what the consumers lack and what they need and deliver it to them well. Make sure to manage your funding and your expenses. With all these, your business idea will prosper.