All well-dressed men should have a wardrobe that contains what is known as ‘menswear essentials‘. This usually includes a collection of plain, neutral-colored T-shirts, great-fitting chinos, a good pair of jeans, a couple of pairs of shorts, and warm clothing such as a knitted sweater, hoodie, jacket, and raincoat. 

What is a Minimalist Wardrobe?

A MINIMALIST WARDROBE is one that contains a MINIMUM number of garments that will give you MAXIMUM STYLE and VERSATILITY. There are major benefits to having a minimalist wardrobe, some of which include:

– You will never have to wonder what to wear

– You can put together many different outfits with a few pieces of clothing

– You don’t waste money on buying items that you may never wear

– You replace quantity with quality items of clothing that last longer and look better

Essential Footwear

Essential footwear means versatile shoes that are right for their purpose. This includes one pair of dress shoes, one pair of casual shoes, and one pair of boots.

Casual Shoes

There is a wide range of casual shoes to choose from. A good option is a quality pair of sneakers in a color that will match most of your outfits. White works well but is hard to keep clean. A solid black pair of sneakers with a black sole will not show as many scuff marks and dirt. If you are an adventurous dresser who likes to stand out in a crowd you can choose a two-tone sneaker in colors like blue and brown that will go with everything. Choose a pair of navy suede sneakers to wear with jeans for a great look.

Easy to Match Versatile Pants

Next on the list of menswear essentials are good-fitting pants. 

– Start with two pairs of jeans in dark-colored denim. Jeans are extremely versatile as they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Choose the best style for your body type and make sure that they fit very well.

– Next, you want to have two pairs of good-quality slacks. Good options include:

Grey flannel slacks for cooler weather that will pretty much match any color jacket, shirt, and pair of shoes in your cupboard.

Khaki pants for more casual occasions. 

Chinos are more suitable for smart wear. They are lightweight and often come in lighter shades like tan, blue, or the traditional khaki color.

Collared Dress and Casual Shirts

Every men’s wardrobe should contain at least seven collared shirt essentials in two types, dress shirts and basic button-down shirts. Dress shirts are for formal occasions and are normally worn under a jacket. They usually have only one pocket and come in a solid color or a striped pattern. They don’t have any other decorative embellishments like epaulets.

Casual Non-Collared Shirts

T-shirts and Henleys are casual shirts made from stretchy knits. Unlike collared shirts, they are not tailored so it is important to buy a size and style that fits well. Shirts to avoid are graphics and ultra-casual tees that are more suited to very young men. Stick to plain shirts in neutral colors like white, black, navy, dark green, or maroon.

V-neck shirts can give a more masculine look. A well-fitted V-Neck teamed with a nice pair of pants can look great if you are in decent shape.

Henley’s have buttoned plackets and come in short and long-sleeved versions. They are less common as a men’s wardrobe essential, however, they will help you stand out in a crowd. Long sleeves are more versatile as the sleeves can be rolled up in warmer weather giving you more options.

In addition to these two types of casual shirts, you can also include a couple of polo shirts for variety.