Last year was one of the weirdest years in the history of mankind. Coronavirus dominated the entire world and made businesses suffer. But thanks to digital platforms and advanced communication, companies were still able to operate on some levels.

Productivity, however, started dwindling because of the sudden disruption. Now that vaccine is available; the world is getting back to normal again with the workers returning to the workforce. Continue reading this article to know the tips for reopening your office space, taking all the safety measures ensuring the health of workers and customers.

Install Hand Sanitizing Stations: One of the surest ways to ensure hygiene is to install sanitizing stations in common areas, for easy access. These portable stations are a must-have for every single office.

  • You can also add various banners in the common area reminding the workers to wear a mask and sanitize their hands. You may install banner stands to put the banner at the corner of each room.
  • Use signs and banners effectively to encourage people to maintain physical distancing in the common area. Remove objects, such as coffee pots and open-snacks, as these items are touched by many.

Be Flexible: It is crucial to acknowledge times are tough, and many have lost their loved ones. New policies should be introduced, showing sensitivity to the workers’ health. Encourage employees to take sick leaves if they or their family members have a common cold or COVID-19 symptoms. If possible, arrange for a safer commute for the employees who use the public transport system to reduce close contacts with others. 

Recreate Office Space: You need to incorporate changes to your office space to control physical contact and therefore, in turn, reduce the spreading of the virus. Maybe your office design encouraged gathering before the pandemic breakout, to boost efficiency. But now, make sure employees have their separate corners so that they can maintain social distancing.

  • While you are rearranging the physical office structure, introduce methods that let the office staff work remotely if possible. A great way to reduce the office crowd without harming productivity is by allowing some staffs to come to the office on alternate days. This method will ensure effective communication and at the same time, provide the employees with the opportunity to work from home. The goal is to reduce the on-site footprint as much as possible.
  • Last year, many companies depended heavily on freelancers during the months of lockdown. Freelancing allowed businesses to work with some of the best people from around the globe, without investing much on the infrastructure. As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it; you should continue working with the freelancers to boost productivity while at the same time reducing office gathering.

Adversity always brings the possibility for growth; now is the opportunity to take your company to new heights. The firms that can overcome the current struggle of managing a workforce will emerge victorious, beating competitions. Find new ways to boost productivity by creating an efficient chain of communication. Check out larnecdoors for more information on industrial doors.