If you see an online platform that new users prefer over any other trading platform, you will want to know more about it. You want to know what this platform is doing right to gain the trust and confidence of so many new traders. If you have been looking for answers about FinuTrade, which is very famous among new traders these days, you have come to the right place. I am writing this FinuTrade review only to help you know more about this company and what it does right to get the attention of millions of traders from around the world.

The competition in the online trading world is tough for brokers. They are trying to offer you everything that they can. However, only a few are able to stay true to their promises and I think FinuTrade is one of them. I am not saying that for the sake of admiring the company. I think you will be convinced to say the same when you know about its services.

Many Trading Accounts to Choose From

The one thing you don’t want when you start as a trader is limitations and boundaries. You want to explore the online trading world and then find the perfect balance in your trading habits. Now, when you start out as a trader, you should have more options in terms of trading accounts so you don’t spend your money on things you don’t need. That’s something a lot of new traders do when they sign up with brokers with a very few account options. You have 7 options here, and if I include the Islamic account, you have eight different account types that you can pick from.

Each account type has been created carefully with the needs of a specific group of traders in mind. You have the bronze account suited for those who have never traded before. They can start with 10,000 EUR, participate in online webinars, learn from ebooks, and get more information about their trades through market reviews. The platform they get is MetaTrader 4, which they can open on any device they want. If you fall in this category, I am sure you will admire the features of the basic account.

Personal Assistant Features with Algo Trading

Talk about the future of trading, and you have FinuTrade providing you with a glimpse of that. Do you know you can do algo trading when you sign up with this company and pick the right account? This means you can automate certain aspects of trading and let the platform trade on your behalf while you sleep. It also means that your platform can pull off more trades within a given period than you can manually. In addition to that, you also have copy trading available, which is another name for social trading. With social trading, you can copy the trading patterns of other expert traders who are available to you on a social platform.

The personal assistant feature is there to provide you with a sense of personalization when you want help from the company. It can prove to be a great starting point for new traders.

Proper and Complete Trading Education

I am sure this is the most important point that serves as the biggest point of interest for most new traders who sign up with FinuTrade. You have trading education available to you in a variety of formats, and you can pick the one that suits your learning style. Do you want to take your time? Pick ebooks. Are you in a hurry to start trading? Try the videos on demand. Do you need personal attention? How about one-on-one training sessions? Do you prefer to listen to the best trading experts? Attend the webinars available to you with every account type.

Final Thoughts

I believe FinuTrade has obtained the key to the hearts of the new traders. Its features suit them and they prefer it over other brokers on the market. Know more about this company and see what you think about it.