As the online trading business is on the rise, you have access to multiple brokers through the internet. There is no doubt that all these brokers allow you to use their platforms for trades. But, out of all these brokers, only some of them give you access to multiple account options. I think every user should have the choice of selecting a particular account type according to his/her needs. To be honest, it is unfair to expect every trader to use a standard account. As you know, every individual is on a different level when it comes to trading. This is because some are beginners while others are professional traders.

Beginners are in need of much more basic and simple features, while experienced traders require many advanced tools. Fortunately, if you sign up with a platform like Group 500, you can have access to such high-class features. This Group 500 review is here to grant you some knowledge regarding the multiple account types offered by this platform.

Choose Any Type Of Account For Your Trades

1.      Silver Account

If you go to the website of Group 500, the first option that you will encounter is the Silver Account. If it is a little hard to rely on a broker and you are hesitant as a newbie, you should start with this account. To register with this type, you need to make a deposit of 10,000$ only.

Group500offers a smooth trading platform, 24/5 customer support, education center, one-on-one basic training along with latest trading news. On top of this, they also provide a maximum of 100 lots trading sizes and 2 signals per month from the VIP desk.

2.      Gold Account

If you think you have surpassed the beginning stage, you should opt for this account. The gold account requires a minimum deposit of 25,000$. It provides you 1-on-1 basic training sessions, educational centers, trading news, 24/5 customer support, maximum of 100 trading lots sizes like the Silver Account. But, once you sign up with it, it gives you access to additional features like a personal account manager and 10 signals per month. A personal account manager is provided to guide you in your trading matters and for risk management.

3.      Platinum Account

You can switch to this account when you want to step up to the next-level trading experience. For the Platinum account, the minimum deposit required is 50,000$ which grants you full access to the facilities of this account. These facilities include 24/5 customer care, trading news, education center, one-on-one trading sessions, personal VIP manager, and many more. On top of that, you get unlimited trading lot sizes and daily signals from the VIP desk. Another plus point of the Platinum account is that there are zero withdrawal fees.

4.      Signature Account

In order to trade in a challenging environment and to be more skilled, users sign up with the Signature Account. The minimum deposit that you have to pay here is 250,000$. This account allows access to the previous features like education center, 1-on-1 trading sessions, 24/5 customer care, personal manager, and much more. The additional features are that there is zero withdrawal fees, personal session with market analysts, membership of a Traders Group Club, private banking, and up to 70 percent insured contracts. They also give you first priority for hedging strategies. The market analyst helps you understand the market situation and gives you tips and tricks to tackle volatile situations.

5.      VIP Account

This is a high-class account option. It is the last one that you will find by Group 500. This account is restricted to professionals only. Due to this reason, a user can only access it through an invitation. If a customer is interested in the VIP Account, the best option is to communicate with its personal manager to get the details. However, 1,000,000 is the minimum deposit amount that you will require to register.


After this review, I am sure you have understood the high-quality types of accounts offered by Group 500. These 5 account types are not available on every platform, and I can say that after researching many cryptocurrency brokers. So, sign up with this brokerage firm to avail yourself of such a variety of account options.