Running is an enjoyable habit that attracts a whole range of audiences with the promise of fulfillment, joy, and happiness. If you haven’t started running at all, then you might be challenged to try it with the wide range of shoes available for running, promising nothing but good energy, less hassle, and sufficient adaptability by the time you become a professional.

It is tempting to raid any Asics store sale in search of the right running shoes and understandably so. However, finding the perfect running shoes for yourself is much more than finding some fancy running shoes, and more of identifying the running shoes based on functionality, your anatomy and the surface one decides to run on. The right pair of shoes is absolutely essentialwhen you run as a sport or hobby, and this determines your ability to keep up with running.

What to know about running shoes

Nearly 80% of runners are thought to be running in the wrong type of shoes, yet the great prevalence of running-related injuries supports this estimate. Before you go to an Asics store when you’re in Australia, you should know the sort of running you prefer either long distance, sprints, or the rougher terrain trail running.

Long-distance running works well with heavily cushioned shoes as this protects against injuries and strains. The presence of padding provides extra protection to the feet thus making this type of shoe suitable for such activities.

If you prefer sprinting, it is best to consider a shoe that has a great grip that is neither heavy nor thick. The shoes need to be extremely light for faster movement. Those who prefer running on the trail should be ready for rough conditions due to the presence of rough terrains such as stones, mud, or tree roots. Having a good grip aids the shoes in providing stability and balance. Plenty of specialty shoe stores offer superior and unique running shoes that cater to every individual need and are staffed with people who are capable of helping you get the perfect shoes for you.

Distance of the run

The longer the distance, the greater the cushioning needed for the feet. Those who participate in marathons will need additional support in this area to help prevent injuries or bruises. The running shoes should be soft to cushion the feet from external bruises and chaffing.

AU Asics stores give several options to choose from, for both marathon and casual runners. You are assured to get the right choice for your running needs that will help protect your feet and give you the comfort you require.

Where do you want to run?

After knowing you want to participate in running, identifying where you want to run comes next. The terrain or environment greatly affects the type of shoes to consider. Running shoes are specially designed to cater to the environment they are meant for. Trail shoes differ greatly from those used on the tarmac as the surfaces have different terrains.

Muddy terrains require shoes that have a grip to prevent slipping and falling. The terrain can get extremely slippery thus requiring a good pair of shoes to be able to pass through.


Understanding how the feet roll when running has a biomechanical impact on the body. One’s weight, build, and posture affects pronation and affects one’s gait. Australian Asics Stores offer advice on how to know your pronation.

Overpronation occurs when your feet roll inwards while running thus needing shoes that support the arch, whereas underpronation occurs when your feet rely primarily on the outer edge of your foot and requires shoes that offer extra cushioning.

What is the financial plan?

It will all come down to budget at the end of the day. Buying the best shoes you can afford is a good overall strategy. Cheap shoes are cheaper for a reason. Asics stores in AU have the right personnel to help you discover the right shoes for your needs and your budget.