It’s harder than ever to find the right candidate for a job vacancy. Hundreds of people apply for each job and, unbelievably, around 85% of job applicants lie on their resume!

Is there any hope for employers?

Yes, your business can definitely find a great candidate for your role, but it helps to know a few tricks about the candidate selection process. To learn more, keep reading to find a few tips you can use to streamline the selection process and save yourself time and effort.

Be Clear in Your Job Advertisement

To improve your candidate selection process, you first need to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. This means being extremely clear in your job advert about what you need from a candidate.

Clearly explain the qualifications and skills that are essential in a candidate. You’ll also want to note educational requirements and how many years of experience are needed.

The more detail you can provide, the easier it will be for job applicants to work out if the job is right for them.

Make Use of Screening Calls

Once you’ve created a shortlist of candidates, you don’t need to jump to the interview process right away. Instead, save yourself time by giving each applicant a quick screening call, which can help work out whether or not you wish to offer them an interview.

A quick 30-minute call is much easier for both managers and applicants and can help you both work out how you feel about the role.

Consider Attitude, Not Just Skills

When selecting the right candidate for the job, many focus only on skills and experience, but this doesn’t always mean you’ll hire the right candidate—consider personality as well.

Remember, you can always teach a new employee new skills, but you can’t fix a negative attitude. Give thought to how the employee will fit in with the rest of the team, thinking about their attitude and disposition as much as their resume skills.

This way, you’ll find someone who will be a great fit for the company and will stick around for the long term.

Work With a Recruitment Company

Hiring for a role can take so much time—it can be exhausting. However, working with recruitment agencies will not only save you time, but will also help you find your ideal employee.

Agencies will pre-select their candidates, giving you a shortlist of people to interview that match your needs. They also have a wide applicant pool, ensuring you find someone with the skills you need.

Streamline Your Candidate Selection Process With These Tips

Finding the right person for the job is easier than you might think! Use the tips above to ensure your company’s candidate selection process, saving time and making it simpler to find your ideal new employee.

Once you’ve hired a new staff member, think about your onboarding process as well—can it be improved as well? After all, the sooner you can train your new employee, the sooner they can get to work and start making a difference!

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