Choosing a perfect domain name for your business is an exciting thing to do. Most entrepreneurs take it as a creative and fun task. Still, they often forget the importance of selecting a relevant domain name. If you are successful at choosing the right domain, you can promote your website without much hassle. However, choosing a wrong name that does not go well with the brand can tarnish its reputation and negatively affect search ranking.

Just like you took a fair share of time to name your business, try to do the same while selecting your domain name. With the help of a catchy domain name, you have an opportunity to generate more real-time visitors and increase sales. Moreover, your domain name has the potential to make or break your online presence. Therefore, it is crucial to pick a name that benefits your business.

You must be thinking, why is selecting the most appropriate domain name so important? Here are some reasons why you must opt for an ideal domain name:

  • Using keywords in the chosen domain name will help in improving your SEO rank. If your domain name’s keywords are relevant to your business, Google will rank you higher.
  • It is the very first impression of your business portfolio. Whenever someone visits your site, the domain name is the first thing they notice, which can create a long-lasting impression.
  • An ideal domain name gives entrepreneurs a much-needed branding opportunity. Therefore, choose wisely. To select a name that improves your brand image, you can also perform a domain names comparison. Such a move will help in defining your business, so your customer base keeps increasing.

Now that you know the importance of picking the right domain name, it is time to learn how to do that. For your ease, here are five tips and tricks to select the best domain.

1- Go with the .com domain name extension

There are many domain name extensions to choose from, such as .org, .edu, .shop, .net, .co, etc. However, it is best to go ahead with .com instead of choosing any other name. Some major reasons for choosing .com over others are:

  • It is a classic domain extension, which does not need any introduction.
  • Everyone is already familiar with this extension, and it goes well with all sorts of domain names.
  • People write .com with website names by default, as it has been an ingrained behavior for years. They have this assumption that the website name will always have .com at the end.
  • According to data, almost 47% of the websites have .com at the end, confirming its popularity.

2- Follow the “less is more” principle

When you pick out an ideal domain name, try to keep it short and precise. The “less is more” principle works best because a short domain name is easier to recall and type. Also, try to create a simple domain name, so people do not have to use a dictionary to spell it out. The easier and simple it is, the higher the chances of more people visiting your site. The general rule of thumb is not to exceed it above three words.

3- No need to use numbers and hyphens 

There is no need to choose a complicated domain name to sound “unique.” If you are planning to add hyphens and numbers, drop this idea right now. Most people dislike visiting sites that have numbers or hyphens in the domain. For them, it is difficult to type such names or recommend them. Imagine having to explain to someone how a website uses hyphens or numbers in its domain name.

“Oh no, ‘twitter’ is pronounced as ‘twi-tter.’ There is a hyphen in between that you might miss.”

See how weird it sounds? Therefore, do not make the same mistake as others and avoid using unwanted hyphens or numbers.

4- Consider using business-relevant keywords

While creating a domain name, try to keep it relevant. It is a pretty simple concept where you must use relevant keywords for your domain name. For instance, if you are running a fast-fashion outlet, experiment with keywords like style, fashion, trendy fashion, boho, chic, etc. The right keywords will highlight your brand image and complement the products or services you offer. Imagine how off-putting it will be to choose an irrelevant keyword? You cannot use the keyword “tech” for a fast fashion website. Both of these words do not usually go together. Eventually, such a domain name will confuse your audience, who won’t understand if you run a tech business or a fashion store.

Also, relevant and trendy keywords will boost your SEO ranking, but keyword stuffing will do you no good. If you have luck at finding keywords according to your niche, use them in the beginning. In this way, they will come super handy in ranking your business niche.

5- Keep the name’s longevity in mind

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of using short-term domain names for their websites. Well, you need to own your domain name like a boss and keep its longevity in mind. After all, entrepreneurs should not base their long-term decisions on the short term. You cannot play games with your domain name and change it when you feel it is irrelevant. Even if you plan on changing the domain name, remember that it is a costly move. It is expensive, not just in terms of money, but will jeopardize your SEO rankings and overall branding. In short, this decision will take you back to square one of selecting a domain name. Therefore, think from a long-term perspective and choose a name that does not become obsolete in the future. Also, if you have any business expansion plans for the future, decide on a domain name accordingly.

The Bottom Line:

With the help of these tips, you will be able to pick a good domain name for your website. There are no ifs and buts when it comes to making this particular decision. So have a clear vision and do what’s needed to select the most appropriate domain name. Moreover, try to take more interest in it instead of perceiving it as a burdensome chore. The more you invest your time in it, the easier it gets to select the domain name. Do not wait further, and start your research for an appropriate domain name right away.