Gardening is a different kind of satisfaction altogether. It’s almost impossible to describe the joy of watching your plant grow inch by inch. Only a true gardening enthusiast can understand that exhilarating feeling of waking up and watching a tiny new sprout peeping from the planter.

We bring you this perfect houseplant care guide to help you take care of your little green sweethearts. We will be talking about various indoor plant care tips, from watering them to buying planters. All you have to do is find a perfect online shop for planter and other gardening needs. Let’s take a look.

Keep Potting Soil Perfectly Moist

If you don’t want to damage your plants, you need to find the perfect amount of water your plant needs. If the plant-soil is either too dry or too wet can damage the plant’s roots. There is no specific watering formula for all the plants. You need to understand the plant type and water it accordingly. Stick your finger in the soil to determine the wetness of the soil.

Know Your Plants

As mentioned before, there isn’t any magic formula to take care of all of your plants. You need to understand every plant. Study their species, plant type, what kind of soil they need, how much water they need. Knowing your plant will help you understand its needs better to take the proper steps to grow each plant.

Choose the Right Planters

Choosing the correct planters for your plants is very crucial. It determines the growth and health of your plants. If you know your plants, you can find the best planter for them according to their needs. You must find a perfect online shop for planter with various kinds of planters based on their size, usability, material, design, colours and patterns. An ideal planter also has good drainage.

Get Them That Rejuvenating Dose of Sunlight

Plants require sunlight to undergo photosynthesis. That’s how they make food for themselves. But it’s crucial to understand the quality, duration and intensity of the sun for each plant species. All these factors affect the plant’s growth and health. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight. Some plants even grow well in fluorescent lights.

Don’t Move the Plants Frequently

Plants gradually adapt according to their surroundings, and moving them around a lot can affect their growth. Hence it’s better to leave them alone for a while and not change their place a lot. Moving around your plants from different temperatures can also affect the health of the plant.

Check the Humidity in Your Room

Plants require humidity for better growth. Dry air can suit some plants better, like cacti, but that’s not the case for all the plants. Tropical plants like peace lily, birds of paradise, ficus etc., need humidity to grow better. So increasing the moisture in your room can improve the health of your plants; just make sure whether your plants need it or not.

Choose The Right Fertilizer

One should not overlook the importance of fertilisers for plants. Each houseplant has its distinct needs. The nutrients a plant needs can vary a lot based on the species of the plant. So studying your plant might help you to understand your plants’ nutritional needs. Hence it’s crucial to choose the right fertiliser for your plants.

There’s no universal guide to help you take care of all of your plants. Each of your plants needs a different plant care routine, nutrients, water, sunlight and many other things. It’s best to study them so that you can take care of your indoor plants. Happy gardening!