Aspiring entrepreneurs will always have a never-ending obsession and dream of becoming business owners. They are looking for new ways to utilize their talents, provide solutions to consumers, and achieve huge profits. However, we live in a world dominated by gadgets and technology. Hence it is a no-brainer for such individuals to invest their effort and skills into becoming owners of tech-based startups.

After all, due to the ever-increasing rate at which technology continues to evolve, providing tech-based solutions to people’s problems might be the perfect approach.

So, if you’re an avid technology and gadget lover looking for ways to make a mark in the technological world, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will share few tech-based business ideas with you that will indeed allow you to quench your thirst and love for technology.

You can find some of these ideas listed below. That said, most of these business ideas involve selling products or services. Subsequently, these business ideas also have an easy entry and require little funding.

Paranormal investigation equipment shop

A Paranormal investigation involves exploring locations and areas that people consider haunted by ghosts or spirits. Typically, a ghost hunter or paranormal investigator collects evidence to prove the presence of someone or something from the other side.

However, if you happen to come across tech-lovers who also happen to be fans of paranormal stories and movies. In that case, your best bet is to open up a ghost hunting equipment shop such as SpiritShack to quench their thirst for paranormal investigation.

You can introduce a section with digital thermometers, EMF meters, digital audio recorders, night vision cameras, and much more. You can start small by charging a small fee for your services and bump up your prices as your business gains popularity.That said, you’ll probably need a store to stock products. However, you can also run your business from your home. All you’ll need is a website, and you can ship products to your customer’s home directly.

Gadget rental store

Another viable business idea for gadget lovers is to open up a gadget rental store. You can rent out infotech gadgets such as teleprompters, LCDs, projectors, laptops, computers, and others at an hourly rate. That said, before you start any tech or gadget-related business, you need to know the demand for particular tech-related gadgets and products.

You can accomplish this by conducting market research to know which products or gadgets you would have to stock to meet customers’ demands and requirements. Then, you would have to find ways to market your gadget rental business to attract attention from a tech-savvy audience. After all, it would be best to acquire more knowledge about your gadget rental business’s working to ensure its success and growth.

Tech products and repair store

If you are a tech-savvy expert and know your way around a computer, opening up a small repair business is another good option.While running your computer products and repair business, you can offer support and repair services for various computer hardware, operating systems, etc.

You can also sell computer-related products forextra earning. All you need is a storefront, a website, and some well-trained technicians, and you’ll be good to go!

3D printer maintenance and reselling

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs with a keen interest in art and design will love the idea of opening up a 3D printer store. With a varied customer base and sizeable growth, opening up a 3D printer reselling business may turn out to be a fruitful venture.

That said, individuals looking to serve this sub-category of the tech industry need to be skilled in the art of 3D design and printing and should know their way around a 3D printer. Not to mention, they need to master the art of sales. You can stock up on the latest 3D printer models and sell them for a nice profit. That said, you can always hire knowledgeable sales professionals and printer experts to help you sell your 3D printers and their accompanying products.

CCTV Camera retail and installation services

CCTV cameras (closed-circuit television cameras) allow you to monitor locations that require 24-hour surveillance. They may include convenience stores, shopping malls, military installations, casinos, banks, etc. The primary purpose of a CCTV camera is to limit or eliminate criminal activities.

As security issues are growing, gadget lovers can open up a CCTV equipment retail and installation store. You can offer products to businesses and government organizations with top-notch CCTV equipment and installation services. You can stock up various surveillance cameras such as bullet cameras, infra-red cameras, IP cameras, etc. Moreover, you can also offer your clients quick and hassle-free CCTV camera installation services on the side to increase your profits even more.

Mobile accessories and repair store

Opening up mobile accessories and repair store is the perfect business idea for gadget lovers. There is a massive market for this business idea as everyone nowadays owns a mobile phone. And such a gadget will usually malfunction due to continuous use and require repairs to get it back to working condition.

Although you will need some mobile repairing knowledge, the right tools, and a small store, and you’ll be on your way to opening up a highly profitable business. Moreover, you can increase your income by selling mobile accessories such as phone cases, batteries, headphones, protective equipment, and much more.

Spy gadgets retail business

Are you fond of gadgets and spy movies? If yes, then opening up a small spy gadgets retail business is a good idea. You can sell novelty items such as pens with hidden cameras, plush toys with hidden recording devices, lie detectors, binoculars, and much more. However, you’ll have to acquire permits from your state to sell such gadgets because if they fall into the wrong hands, it could cause dire security issues. To remedy this, you will have to perform background checks on your customers to ensure they don’t misuse your products.


Technology is constantly evolving, which presents endless money-making opportunities for individuals who love tech and gadgets. There is no one-size-fits-all formula to success in the industry, but you need to start somewhere. Remember, your business idea may always require a solid business plan, acquire funding, and the right team to succeed in the foreseeable future.