Fancy coloured diamonds have a lot of meaning, similar to flowers and anniversary presents. Why not express “forever” with a diamond instead of roses? Considering buying an Australian pink diamond ring or trying to Invest in pink diamonds jewellery for your loved one is a wonderful idea.

What is the process through which pink diamonds are created?

All diamonds result from a process that takes millions or even billions of years to complete. Diamonds are formed when Carbon elements are subjected to extreme heat and pressure. Usually, the diverse hues in diamonds are caused by the complex elements that make up the stones. However, experts are unsure of the exact reason for the colour of pink and red diamonds. According to an examination of the stones, the pressure exerted on them is responsible for their pink and red hues. It has been shown that Pink Diamonds have a compressed interior structure due to high-pressure graining, which may be the source of their hue.

What are the chances of finding a pink diamond?

Since they are mined less often than colourless diamonds, all natural fancy-coloured diamonds are regarded as very uncommon. According to specific statistics, barely 0.01 per cent of colour diamond carats are mined each year, compared to colourless stones. Demand for pink diamond engagement rings has risen significantly since they are feminine, lovely, and among the rarest hues in the world of gemstones, after red, deep violets, and straight purples. This is attributed to their great demand and restricted availability. As a result, many people see these stones as potential investment opportunities.

The price of a pink diamond is relatively high.

Most pink diamonds come from the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, where most of the world’s pink diamonds come from. Getting a pink diamond engagement ring or wedding ring shows how much you respect your spouse and your relationship in the same way that great kings and emperors of history have constructed monuments and cities in honour of the ladies in their life. You’re showing them that they’re unique by selecting a pink diamond for your ring’s centre stone. As the Argyle supply declines and the rarity grows, the price of a pink diamond represents a long-term investment that is expected to appreciate at an incredible pace over time.

Is there any significance to pink diamonds?

Similar to the pink colour that symbolises femininity, love and compassion, pink diamonds radiate these same attributes. When it comes to the mystery and fascination surrounding the pink gemstone, the actual explanation for its colour is still a mystery to some. Diamonds like this have an appeal of their own because of their mystique.

Picking a pink diamond for a piece of jewellery

Finding the perfect one might take some time because of the rarity and worth of pink diamonds. Colour grading is more important than clarity in determining the value of these diamonds, which come in a wide variety of hues from purplish pink to red. Pink champagne diamonds have a faint blush, while darker purple pinks have a brilliant radiance. Whatever you decide, your loved one will be delighted.

Choose an Australian pink diamond or Invest in pink diamonds that complement the style of the final item when designing a bespoke engagement or wedding ring. A pink diamond’s warm tone fits well with white, yellow, rose, or platinum metals. It also looks great with white diamonds and other fancy coloured diamonds.