We are on a mission to help you improve your outdoor living experience.Too many times we’ve seen outdoor spaces that lack comfort or style. On the other hand, homeowners spend months or even years to find and buy the perfect furniture items or art pieces. Living Emporium strongly believes that outdoor space is the extension of your home’s interior, and therefore it deserves the same level of attention to detail when it comes to designing and furnishing it.

Choosing the right design for your outdoor space would allow you to benefit from an enhanced living experience. There are many ways you can activate your senses and elevate your spirit without doing anything else but styling and overhauling your outdoor space to reflect your values and your lifestyle. All you need to do is to use the same level of care when you plan, style and furnish your outdoor spaces. This is the best way to integrate exterior spaces into the overall look and feel of your home, for an enhanced living experience.

One of the methods designers use to extend the interior style to outdoor spaces is to use complementary colors for the two types of spaces. 

We can understand that not everyone loves bright light and vivid colors. Nevertheless, this project is an excellent example of mixing and matching colors to link the outdoor space to the home’s interior and to make it look like an extension of the indoor living space. This design mimics the interior in a clever and seamless manner, thus enhancing the experience of both the owners and their guests. 

The simple choice of using white tiled floors indoor and outdoor helps make a smooth transition from the inside to the outside, curbing the appeal of the property and even making it appear bigger. 

The vibrant blue shades of the interior decor go hand in hand with the same vibrant shades used in the outdoor lighting and tile. 

Designers paid attention to the cushions and towels, as well. Several accent items make the connection between the two living spaces. Sometimes, even tiny details such as towels, cushions, decorative glass, and lighting fixtures can generate a seamless experience that the interior and the exterior spaces belong to the same property.

These considerations apply to all styles, not only to contemporary or modern ones. These tips suit traditional or classical projects, as well. We always start from the idea that outdoor landscape spaces are an extension of your indoor living space. Our designers take into account the architectural style of your home and your decor choices, in order to expand your interiors to the outdoor areas in a seamless and uplifting manner.

Even the mere design of the lattice should match the style of your garden.

Before doing anything, we take time to understand the function of your different garden spaces. This is how we manage to integrate pieces of furniture and accent elements that enhance the overall look and feel of your outdoor landscape. In this example, we intended to make the covered porch to the right the primary living area. We furnished it with stylish and durable chairs, an outdoor dining corner, a fireplace and an outdoor kitchen. This allowed us to use the side patio to enhance the visual effects. 

Taking into consideration the efforts you’ve made to create the perfect interior, why not pay attention to your outdoor living, as well?