Most people prefer to deal with a broker when on the hunt for insurance and as you would expect, the insurance broker wears many hats. Here are some of the services that you would find from a leading insurance broker.

  • Auto insurance – Whether a car or a motorcycle, a top broker such as would offer a wide range of auto insurance, ranging from class 1 comprehensive to 3rd party fire and theft and as they have associations with many insurers, they can tailor the policy to suit.
  • Life insurance – We all need to take out adequate life insurance to ensure that our family is not financially burdened in the event of our sudden passing. Premiums would depend on age and medical history, but generally speaking, you can insure any person’s life for any amount. When you buy real estate, the lender requires that you have adequate life insurance, which can be arranged by an established insurance broker.
  • Health insurance – Taking out good health insurance is important for everyone and the online insurance broker has you covered with a range of health insurance policies. You might prefer comprehensive cover, or simply a policy that covers emergency medical treatment and with policies that cover the entire family, you can rest assured. Here are a few points to consider when making a major business investment.
  • Travel insurance – It is always wise to take out some travel insurance that covers expensive items like a camera or laptop and the online insurance broker is the best solution. Of course, premiums depend on where you are going and what you will be doing there. The premiums for base jumping would be much higher than a policy that covers the average tourist. On the topic of travel, here are some transport statistics from the Thai government.
  • Covid insurance – The pandemic has made people fearful of catching the virus and your online insurance broker would be able to cover you for all medical costs caused by a covid-19 condition. If you are unlucky and you are diagnosed as covid positive, all (or part) of your medical costs are covered by your covid policy.
  • Savings & pension plans – We should all make plans for the future and the online insurance broker can help you to choose the best savings plan to ensure that you will enjoy a secure retirement. The broker is able to tailor the package to suit your lifestyle, plus he would be happy to advise you on any aspect of wealth creation; the sooner you create a wealth-generation plan, the better.

As you can see, there are many types of insurance that the online broker offers and they offer the lowest premiums with 5-star service. As with most sectors, a good insurance broker builds a reputation over many years and by focusing on customer service, many customers recommend their services to their friends, family and colleagues.