A business owner always has this question in mind “how can I monitor my remote working employees?” The corporate office world has changed to covid-19 and pandemic, but the employer still needs to monitor employees to maintain the standard workflow.

A considerable number of companies turn to employee monitoring apps for better results, and they are not wrong about it. The employee monitoring app can help companies monitor all the office works’ digital activities from a remote central location. These apps have advanced features that have made spying easier than ever.

What is an employee monitoring app?

An employee monitoring app monitors employee working for a company by their employers. Monitoring apps have advanced features of spying that help the user monitor the target device with the help of some clicks. Employee spy software is needed to install on the target device to start monitoring; the installed application fetches all the data from the target device and provides it to the user via a control panel.

TheWiSpy the best employee monitoring app:

Monitoring employees is a hectic task and employer doesn’t have that much time to learn complex apps that offer monitoring services. Sure, there are many options available in the market for employee tracking app android, but the user has to pick the user-friendly one that offers quality result at the same time.

TheWiSpy is the best employee spy software. It has more than 30 spying features and a user-friendly interface. TheWiSpy advanced technology has made spying easier for users, and with few clicks, they can start monitoring anywhere and anytime they want.

How to choose the best employee spy software:

Every company has their own needs, leading them to purchase employee spy software. Before buying employee monitoring software, the first and most important thing is to be 100% sure of what you require. That can make it easier to make a decision, but most importantly, there are three questions that you should ask yourself before purchasing.

1.      Is this employee monitoring software will help increase productivity?

The first question is that is the software will help in increasing productivity. Employees who work from home are more likely to show laziness at work. That’s why it’s essential to monitor them.

The primary purpose of monitoring is to figure out the reasons for negative charts of the company progress and make amendments by increasing productivity. Employee monitoring app is expected to increase productivity by giving access to employee’s device. To ensure the software you are purchasing is capable of that.

2.      Will the employee monitoring service provider protect us from liability?

Monitoring someone without their consent can result in legal issues for the company; there is a good percent chance that when employee find out about being spied on, they will take legal actions. Firstly, the employer should be legal or reasonable about why they are spying; secondly, they should be well prepared for the circumstances.

The company should ensure that the software company might protect them from liabilities. Even though it is less likely for the employee monitoring app to protect their users from legal liabilities but it’s good to expect positive.

3.      How much can this employee tracking software benefit us in problem-solving?

Most problems occur because the employer has less information about the office and their team. When an employer uses the employee tracking app android, it’s normal to expect that the problems might decrease because the employer will have all the data. However, no software company would guarantee that their features should be advanced and offer high-quality results.


When people are confused about finding employee spy software, TheWiSpy can be the best option. If you’re looking for reasons, then there are a thousand reasons, but most importantly, it offers all the above-required things. TheWiSpy will surely help increase productivity in the office, and it contains all legal factors that must save the company from any liability.

TheWiSpy has advanced features that will help the employer get all the data from the target device so business owners can resolve problems efficiently. That’s why TheWiSpy is the best employee monitoring app in the world where user can enjoy spying with advanced features and functionality.

Why TheWiSpy is the best employee monitoring app worldwide:

A monitoring app is number one when the application’s features and functionality are top quality and provides a user-friendly interface. User will prefer the app because they will be satisfied with the results. TheWiSpy is the best employee monitoring app worldwide for the same reason, and it offers quality result, a user-friendly interface and variety. Following are the reasons why TheWiSpy is the number one choice.

·         Boost employee productivity:

The advanced features in TheWiSpy allow the user to monitor all data on the target employee device. From apps to digitally stored files on the device, employer has all access through the app. This access to data helps the employer improve the workload division and solve problems the company faces in the past. That will result in an instant boost in employee productivity.

·         Offer real-time results:

How often does monitoring apps offer real-time results? Rarely right! But TheWiSpy is different from any employee tracking app on android because it provides real-time results. The app is installed on the target device that fetches all the data from the target device to an online control panel to help you view real-time results. The features like live locations, instant alerts are provided in real-time for the user through the app.

·         Made remote employee monitoring easier:

Over the years, employee monitoring apps has advanced in functionality; what seemed impossible in the past is now a piece of cake. Remote employee monitoring is complex, but with the help of advanced features of TheWiSpy employee spy software, it is not even possible but easier. With a user-friendly interface, TheWiSpy has made remote monitoring simpler for the user, and within few clicks, they can spy sitting in their chair.

·         Protect confidential business data:

The most important asset of a business is its company secrets, and if any employee leaks those secrets, it won’t be suitable for the company. TheWiSpy employee monitoring app helps the owners keep track of all employee communication through the app so they can catch the traitor. So in a way, TheWiSpy improves business productivity and protects their confidential data in a way.


TheWiSpy is compatible with all android devices from smartphones, tabs, and laptops whose OS is 4.1 or above. The android devices below 4 OS are not compatible with installing the app on their devices.


TheWiSpy is an exceptional employee spy software that offers multiple choices for purchasing the app. There are three pricing plans that user can choose to buy the license. The beginner plan starts at $9.99, the standard plan starts at $19.99, and the premium plan is for $29.00. These plans are affordable and offer exceptional results.


Is TheWiSpy offer real-time results?

Yes, TheWiSpy offers real-time results for their users through advanced monitoring features.

Can I trust the information TheWiSpy is providing?

TheWiSpy has advanced functionality that fetches accurate information or data from the target device.

Conclusion thoughts:

Employee monitoring is a sensitive step, and employers should choose the best employee tracking app for this purpose. That’s because a quality app will offer advanced features to spy and save the company from legal liabilities. TheWiSpy is the best employee spy software with top-quality and advanced features; these features will help the user spy without any interruption or stress.