Are you dealing with a full-time job and writing a dissertation at the same time? Would you like to learn some tips to handle your dissertation even with the full-time job buffer efficiently? If your answer is yes, then this article might help you out. This article has listed some practical tips that you can apply to handle your dissertation, even with a full-time job at hand. If you find this topic interesting, follow along and let us help you complete that dissertation in no time.

Dissertation writing takes time to complete. Hence many people formulate different procedures to efficiently complete their dissertations in time. One strategy that you can use is searching for experts who can provide essay mills services. The experts who handle your dissertation ensure that your paper is written to perfection for a small sum of money. In this strategy, you get reduced stress and reduced workload. You can hence concentrate on your job and leave all the writing to experts. However, if you opt for the second strategy, which is writing the dissertation yourself, then here are some tips that can help you out:

Start your day early

Are you a fan of hitting that snooze button? Well, many people are, and if you are one of them, you have to stop to get your dissertation done in time. When you wake up late, your time limit circles around:

  1. Eating breakfast
  2. Showering
  • Heading off to your job

However, if you wake up early, then the whole situation changes. Take, for instance, if you wake up at five in the morning:

  1. Use up one hour to make any necessary preparations
  2. From six to seven in the morning, work on your dissertation
  • You have the rest of the day to focus on your work free from your dissertation stress till the following day

See, a slight change in your waking up time, and the whole cycle changes.

As an added bonus, you will note that morning hours are pretty calm. There is minimal noise, and the temperature is one to boost your concentration. Use this relaxed environment to focus on your dissertation more efficiently.

Breaks are breaks period

Ever been tempted to work on your dissertation during a lunch break? If you have never been, then trust me, it will happen. However, if you get this urge resist it at all costs; it does you no good.

Let your breaks be breaks. During these periods, focus on your life outside work and school. If you decide to work on your dissertation during this time, you will probably get mental burnout. Hence

One weekend day a week works best

Full-time jobs often offer weekend days off. So pick a day, either Sunday or Saturday. During this day, you should focus on paper entirely, with no extra business.

To make this day productive find a writing spot that is a place whereby you feel comfortable while writing. Now, each morning of the chosen day, you should pack your books and head on to that designated location to focus on your dissertation. Here you should research in-depth and concentrate on your dissertation.

You can set up a dissertation writing schedule for this day to better manage your time. Doing so also helps you predict your dissertation completion time.

Avoid pulling all-nighters

Avoid staying up all night working on your dissertation or staying up till late in the night. When you stay up at night for a long time, you unarguably mess up your sleeping routine, which affects your waking up hours. Hence you will, without a doubt, wake up late if you sleep late.

Instead, sleep early to wake up feeling fresh in the morning. A fresh mind concentrates better.

If you ever get stuck, remember that you can get online help anytime. If in the UK, then a mere “best dissertation help in UK” search can sort all your problems. It remains an option and a good one to pick when stuck.


Dissertations require a lot of commitment, and so do full-time jobs. Hence handling the two can be pretty tricky. However, if you apply the tips provided in this article, you will find it less tedious.