Squeezing fresh juice is much better than taking juice sourced from concentrate. Just as well, fresh herbs are also much better than dried herbs. Freshly-ground coffee is also much better than pre-ground coffee. If you leave your coffee beans in the pantry for too long, they are likely to become stale and lose their character. Yes, pre-ground coffee can be quite convenient but it loses the aroma and flavor that is found in freshly ground or a freshly-brewed cup of coffee. Visit Timely Coffees for more info about pre-ground coffee.

What You Need To Know By Pre-Ground Coffee 

Just like the name sounds, pre-ground coffee refers to coffee beans that were ground before packaging and shipping for sale. Therefore, they are ground at least a few days before they reach the customer for brewing at home. Well, having pre-ground coffee isn’t exactly bad but it isn’t good either. Note that, when exposed to air, coffee beans oxidize. The oxidation process happens much faster after the beans have been ground.

The oxidation process happens when atoms lose electrons. It’s commonly experienced when apples turn brown or the rusting process on metals. As such, coffee undergoes the same process as apples during oxidation. When coffee oxidizes, the flavor and aroma are released thereby making the coffee less desirable. If the coffee was to be brewed immediately, the oxidation process wouldn’t have an effect. However, just like a sliced apple, the coffee becomes less desirable the longer it remains unused and ground. Pre-ground coffee is often dull and flat. On the other hand, coffee made out of freshly ground beans is aromatic and livelier. 

Yes, pre-ground coffee is quite convenient depending on your preferred brewing method. However, it’s the wrong grind. It is often less vivid in both aroma and taste compared to freshly-ground coffee and is only available in one grind. Pre-ground coffee is only ground once for the intended purpose. For instance, it can’t be used in your home espresso machine since it’s too coarse. The size of the grind is also important to the quality of the brew just like the type of coffee beans being used. If you grind your own coffee, it’s easy enough to control the size of the coffee and ensure that it’s the best size for your preferred brewing method. 

How Can I Grind Coffee Beans At Home? 

You need extra time and the right equipment to grind coffee at home. However, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Even better, the results will be worth every effort. You should be able to find a suitable electric or manual grinder in the market at various price points. If you buy a hard grinder, it requires more effort but is quite accurate for the available price. Electronic grinders are quite expensive but very easy to use and require less time and effort compared to a hand grinder. Choose the right type of grinder for the best results. 

Coffee Shops Have Industrial Grinders. Are Home Grinders Available?

When you visit a coffee shop, the whirring sound you can hear behind the counter is the grinder. Coffee establishments grind fresh coffee for every batch to make sure that customers are enjoying the freshest and most aromatic cup of coffee. Of course, there are many other ways to enjoy freshly-ground coffee instead of going to a coffee shop. You can do so right in your own home.