Let’s face it, whatever industry you are in, things are tough at the moment and all B2B companies are looking for ways to source new customers. If you are not making the best use of digital technology, it is time to change that and here are a few tips on how to contact businesses that sell your products to the general public.

  • Special Promotions – We all love a good deal and that goes for retailers too; sit down and think of a few special offers that you can tempt your customers with. These campaigns can be delivered to a wide range of digital platforms; three per year is a good average, using seasonal surges and customer loyalty.
  • Customer Profiling – If done correctly, this should lead to extra business and the best people to help you with customer profiling are digital marketing experts that have extensive experience with B2B marketing. If, for example, you are looking for an electrical products store for a factory, there is a leading Thai manufacturer with a great reputation in the industry. The more you know your customers, the better, as you can tailor your service to perfectly meet their needs.
  • Business Trade Shows – Every sector has their own annual list of trade fairs and exhibitions and you should have a team of sales reps on your booth handing out promotional literature to interested parties. The focus should not be getting a deal right away, rather you should cultivate a relationship that might lead to sales in the future and leads can be followed up with a personal visit from one of your team. Make sure that your booth stands out from the crowd and always have staff in attendance, handing out literature like presentation packs. There are many benefits to hiring a business instructor who can teach you things that will remain with you all of your life.
  • E-Mail Marketing – Although it is nothing new, email can be a very productive avenue for B2B marketing and if you join forces with a leading digital marketing agency, they can create rich content that is used in email marketing campaigns. The agency has ways of procuring email addresses and with a bulk email campaign, you can reach a lot of businesses and research shows that managers do read their emails. The marketing team know all of the tricks and they can make sure that your mail does not end up in the trash folder, which can often happen.
  • Free Samples – If your business falls into the category where you can give free samples, this is one of the best ways to attract new customers. Who would say no to a free offer? And if you are confident in your product, create lots of free sample campaigns and if a retailer likes the freebie, they might want to stock it on their shelves.

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