Are you wondering how to prepare for an SEO strategy session with your marketing agency?

If you have recently outsourced your SEO and marketing, the first step for getting started is having an SEO strategy session with your team. During the session, you will identify your core goals and come up with a strategy that will help you reach those goals.

Because of the importance of this strategy session, it’s essential to make sure you are prepared for the meeting.

Fortunately, preparing can be a simple process. By taking some time and completing a few tasks, you can make sure you are properly prepared.

If you are wondering how to prepare for your SEO strategy session, this short and simple guide is for you.

Know Your Mission Statement and Values

The first step you need to take to prepare for your strategy session is to know your mission statement and values. While this might seem unnecessary, it will give your SEO team an overview of your brand and the impact you want to make.

Identify Your SEO Goals

The next step you should take is to identify your SEO goals. What are your top priorities and what is the main goal you want to achieve? By knowing your goals, your New York SEO company will understand what target to reach for your company.

Determine How Much You Want to Invest

Next, you need to determine what you want to invest in your SEO campaign. This can depend on your overall goals for your business. Make sure to have a budget in mind when meeting for your strategy session.

Gather Your Current Marketing Materials

A great tip for preparing for a strategy session is to gather your current marketing materials. This will give your SEO company an idea of what type of content you are working with and have used in the past.

Reflect on Your Past Results

If you want to prepare for your strategy session, consider reflecting on your past results. What part of your strategy worked and what part do you want to improve? By reflecting on your past results, you can give your SEO company direction on what types of campaigns you want to run.

Write a List of Questions

An essential step to take is to write a list of questions about the SEO content and strategy. The meeting is a great time to understand more about the methods that will be used in your business.

This Is How to Prepare for an SEO Strategy Session

There are several steps you need to take to prepare for your SEO strategy session.

Start by knowing your mission statement and company values. You should also identify your SEO goals, determine how much you want to invest, and gather your current marketing materials. Make sure to reflect on your past results, write a list of questions, and keep an open mind.

Follow these steps to successfully prepare for your strategy session.

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