If you are planning to buy a property it is always a good idea to get a building inspection done. Building inspections are done by Building Inspectors. If you are planning to hire one, there are lot of options available over the phone and online portals. However, it is advisable that you meet the person and have discussion about your requirements as it would give you a clear understanding of that person and their experience. Buying a house is a very important financial decision and thus it is better for you to be careful before you invest in the property.

Are You a Registered Builder?

There is generally no requirements for the license for Building inspectors. However, it is advised by Building commission that the building inspector should be a registered like https://jimsbuildinginspectionsadelaide.com.au.

What All Insurances Do You Have?

Make sure that your building inspector has insurance both for him and you. They should have a public liability and professional indemnity insurance. This insurance would relive you from any tension and would cover you if the inspector misses to report any structural damage in the property which would have stopped the deal for you. Now let’s talk about indemnity. If you are buying a new property it is not usually required. However the indemnity insurances you for an additional 6 years after the house is completed.

What All Current Projects Are You Working On?

You should always ask your builder if they are aware of the recent updates and changes which are practiced. It is always better to hire a person who has an on ongoing project but it is not a mandate. It is just advised because if they have active construction projects that would be up to date with latest rules and standard protocols to follow. Also they would be aware of the new techniques which are adopted by latest houses.

What All Areas Are Covered In Your Inspection Report?

A building inspection report should include all areas of the house which can be accessed. Such as inside & outside of the property. Even the swimming pool, play area and garden should be included in the list. It insures that there are no safety or pest issues while you purchase the house. A building inspector is not supposed to move furniture of the house and look around for damages. However, you should make sure they climb a ladder and check the roof space for structural damages, water leakage and electrical wiring issues. They also need to check the manholes.

Which Parts Of The A New House Do You Visit?

If you are building your new house you should keep an eye on how many times the inspector visit your house during the construction as this does a huge impact on the quality of the house which is constructed. Inspectors have packages were they charge you for their visits. Some visit 3-4 times, others may visit 6-7 times during the construction work. They generally provide you dis counts if you hire them for the whole construction period of your house.

Who Conducts Termite Inspection? Building inspectors are supposed to check for pest infestations. They sometimes even suggests pest controllers to get the infestation controlled.