Look around you and you will find several electronic appliances, equipment, and gadgets that you use on a daily basis. Just like anything else in life, these also come with a definite lifespan. Using them beyond their lifespan may render them useless or damaged. If you look at these appliances carefully, you will find a tag on one side stating the date the appliance was tested, the name of the tester, and the next due date for the test.

This tag is rather important as it states whether an electronic product is actually good for use or not. It is pasted on the body of an electronic appliance or machine after the product undergoes a detailed test, which is carried out by a licensed and experienced tester. This entire process is known as ETS test and tag and is rather important in several large-scale industries, such as manufacturing industries, construction industries, and demolition industries.

How Often Is It Required To Test And Tag?

Once you understand the concept of test and tag, the next question that may linger in your mind is how often should you test and tag an appliance or a machine. In order to answer this question, you need to understand that it all depends upon the type of environment an electronic machine or appliance is located in. Listed below are 4 categories of industries along with the duration of their test and tag procedure.

  • 5 Yearly: Any environment where the supply cord or equipment is certainly not open to abuse or prone to flexing.
  • 12 Months Or Annually: Any environment where the supply cord or equipment is open to abuse or prone to flexing.
  • 6 Months: In warehouses, production industries, and factories.
  • 3 Months: Demolition, construction, and building industries.

Importance of Testing and Tagging Services

There are many industries where regular and periodical testing and tagging of appliances and machines are not carried out. This is something that should never happen in any industry. Regular testing and tagging of appliances and machines ensure that proper safety procedures are being followed in a company. If you own a business of your own, the safety of your employees should be of primary concern to you.

Testing and tagging of machines and appliances can easily help you as a business owner restore peace of mind amongst your employees and can also alleviate safety concerns. Timely testing and tagging of different electrical machines is rather important for the safety of your workers and visitors to your workplace. If you test and tag your machines whenever it is time, it will also ensure that the lifespan of the machines gets longer. There are several companies that provide test and tag services. You may also find certain individuals who provide such services. Whichever service provider you hire to test and tag your machines and appliances, always make sure that the person has several years of experience and uses the latest tools for the testing purpose so that he can carry out the job efficiently and effectively.