For those who enjoy the entertainment possibilities of an intimate dinner party or an outdoor extravaganza, the search for just how to make that spectacular soiree or get-together even more spectacular and fun for guests is a never-ending one with Thingz Gifts. However, to shine as the host or hostess, it’s necessary to know just what to do to ensure that a special occasion is both stylish and entertaining. Here are seven factors that every host or hostess needs in their party toolkit. 

Add to Style and Sophistication with a Table Runner. 

An attractive table runner is that perfect accessory for those who want to add a dash of panache to the decor – but don’t want to go over the top. A table runner in neutral colors – and with a pattern that isn’t too fussy will suit every occasion and not overwhelm the other decorative elements on the table. Colors and tones such as cream, white and beige (and the ever-stylish black) are great. Linen is a fabulous choice of material. These colors can also bring the natural patterns of wooden tables to life. 

A Terrific Tablecloth.

A full tablecloth is best set aside for use on more formal occasions. Think adult birthday parties and dinner parties. Once again neutral colors are the best choice this will allow the tablecloth to be used for almost any type of party. If you are going to be entertaining regularly, make sure to choose a material that is tough enough to withstand regular washing. 100% linen and cotton are two great, classic choices. For that timeless and elegant option go for a plain white tablecloth. 

Quality Glassware.

The ambiance of a dinner-party can be greatly enhanced by using quality glassware. The glassware must be both matched and in excellent condition. It’s not necessary to have glassware at the cutting edge of modern design – some of the most striking examples of antique glassware can be sourced from second-hand stores. It can be a challenge to find an entire set – but this is one of those instances where matching is not essential – just stick with similar styles (you can even mix and match with affordable options from retailers). Glassware like this is also a great conversation piece. 

Desirable Dinnerware.

The focal point of a dinner party is almost always the dinner itself – and having stylish dinnerware is essential. it’s not necessary to break the bank, there is great value for money options. Once again don’t go overboard on avant-garde design – functional dinnerware is perfect. Natural colored stoneware is timeless and natural colors such as blue and green are great choices (coral is another striking choice). Neutrals such as whites and beiges will allow other design elements to shine. For some variety add a side plate in a subtle color such as sage green. Add a spotless linen napkin and some decorative touches such as Thyme or parsley and you will have an arrangement that epitomizes luxury and is both classic and interesting. 

Natural Napkins.

Linen is the first choice – and for good reason, it looks great even when it is crumpled after being used. Linen napkins are by no means cheap, but with care, they can last for years – and they lend an air of sophistication to any table arrangement. Add classic napkin rings to round off the look. 

Cue the Cutlery.

Classic, top-of-the-range cutlery is fabulous. However, if you don’t have that heirloom set tucked away that is not the end of the world. You can still impress guests at any function with great options available from stores. They have some great options that range from the classic to the cutting edge. Keep an eye out for cutlery that features timeless lines such as elongated tines and elegant, swept blade knives.  

A Sumptuous Centrepiece.

A great centrepiece enlivens a table and is a focal point. Sometimes simple is better. Choose a squat vase (it won’t obstruct views over the table). Simple is striking – and will not break the bank. Some handpicked flowers in that vase or even the greenery offered by a Eucalyptus wreath look great. Add a candle to provide gentle and intimate lighting.