Approximately 67.3 million United States residents speak a language other than English at home. Since 1990, this number has more than doubled, creating the need for phone translation services.

Phone translations are an excellent option for business owners looking to expand their clientele. They are also crucial tools for individuals handling emergencies, such as first responders. These services break down language barriers so you can communicate effectively with others.

If you need phone translating, you may have some concerns or questions. This article will provide you with information about phone translating so you can decide whether it’s right for you and your business!

What Is Phone Translation?

Another name for phone translation is phone interpreting. It’s a three-way call between two people who speak different languages and a third-party interpreter.

Typically, it is best to schedule these calls with interpreters in advance. Yet, you can also hire these services at a moment’s notice if needed.

Who Should Use Phone Translation Services?

Anyone can use phone translation services, but they are more common in certain situations.

For example, public services use interpreting to communicate with those in need of assistance. These include social workers and medical staff.

Individuals may also use this service when traveling abroad or accessing services in another country. Moreover, companies use phone translation to communicate with foreign business partners or clients.

How Does Phone Translation Work?

Phone translation services are pretty straightforward. When you need an interpreter, you simply call a phone translation service and let them know what language you require.

You should also provide the operator with other pertinent information about your call. It’s especially important to let them know the context. Doing so will allow them to connect you with an interpreter who has experience in your industry.

The interpreter can jump on the call immediately, or you can schedule the service for an appointment you have at a later time.

Phone translation companies do more than set up conference calls. They can also help you communicate with someone face-to-face. This type of service helps medical staff who cannot understand the needs of their non-English speaking patients.

How Much Does Phone Translation Cost?

The cost of phone translation services can vary, but they are usually between $1.25-$3 per minute.

Still, you may need to pay more based on the context of your conversation. For example, specialized legal and medical interpreters usually ask for a higher rate.

Most phone translation services offer you a full quote ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about the price during the call.

Breaking Down the Language Barrier

Whether you need to communicate with a customer or understand someone in the event of an emergency, phone translation services are the key. With the help of professional interpreters, you can break down language barriers no matter the time or place!

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