Have you been dreaming of escaping society and living off grid?

It’s a wonderful thought; disconnecting from the world and living a free, empowered life that’s made up entirely of your own choices. But, turning that thought into reality is tough – so tough that a lot of people who think about doing it never do.

However, there are people out there who have turned their backs on society and found life off grid. If you want to join them, it is possible! You just have to have a little bit of knowledge, the right resources, and a lot of courage.

Find out how to live off grid sustainably in this guide.

What Is Off Grid Living?

If you’re here, you’ve probably heard the term to go off grid before, but what does it actually mean?

Off grid living is all about becoming self-sustainable. For some people, that simply means living away from the electrical power grid the rest of your country relies on, instead of creating your own power sources (like solar power) or even going electricity-free in some cases! This is the simplest form of off-grid living.

Off grid living also frequently includes:

  • Sourcing your own water
  • Growing your own food
  • Creating your own clothes

The idea is simply to become reliant on nothing but your skills and the land around you to give you everything you need. Some people also go a step further and disconnect from society, staying on their own land unless they absolutely have to, and not keeping up with world news. But, that’s much less common than simply becoming more self-sufficient!

Can You Still Make a Living Off Grid?

Yes, you can definitely still make a living and work off grid – most people do! A lot of jobs these days are done online, so as long as you can maintain a reliable supply of electricity to power a laptop, there’s nothing stopping you from working online. Whether running your own freelance business or working remotely for another company, there are a lot of options.

A great example of making money off grid in a modern way is by investing online. Check this out for inspiration!

If you’re growing your own food, you’re likely going to become an expert gardener over time. That’s an in-demand skill, so you should be able to easily find work in other peoples gardens! From helping them to establish veggie patches to doing manual work, there’s a lot of options here.

A lot of people off grid also create homemade items to sell online, at local farmers markets, or to shops in their neighborhood. Items like homemade soaps, clothes, and cheese are super popular and you can get quite a lot of money for them.

How to Live Off Grid

When it comes to tips to live off grid, it all comes down to research and learning. If you go into your new life without thorough research you’re going to make so many mistakes, and that idyllic life you’re picture will be far off. But, by taking the time to learn what you need to now, you give yourself a good head start.

Begin by looking at the best areas to live off grid. In general, stay away from cities and opt for places that have lots of land so that you can find a property with enough outside area to grow food and set up power systems.

You’ll also need to learn a lot of new skills, such as how to:

  • Start fires
  • Create your own electricity
  • Plan and plant a garden
  • Deal with your own waste (compost toilets are great!)
  • Knit and sew
  • Create your own supplies
  • First aid

That’s just scratching the surface! Make sure you thoroughly research what you’re going to need to learn from people who are living off grid and give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

Start Taking Course

If a guide to off grid living isn’t cutting it, get out there and do some courses. There’s no better way to learn than by doing things first-hand! Take courses in gardening, mechanics, first aid, carpentry, and anything else that’s going to make being self-reliant so much easier. It’s tough to start doing everything without help, but good courses will get you well on your way.

Create a Support System

Just because you’re going off grid doesn’t mean you won’t need people. Even if you’re moving with your family, it’s still a good idea to build up a connection with other off grid people so that you have others to learn from and some extra shoulders to cry on when the days are tough! If you’re moving to a new area, work to get to know your neighbors, too; you never know when you might need someone, and they could become your dearest friends.

Start Getting Fit

Living off grid can often be physically demanding. From digging through dirt to create a vegetable patch, to chopping firewood in the winter, you’re going to need some strength! Make sure you get physically fit before you move, working on your core muscles to give you a good foundation, and then your arms so that you can lift, chop, and dig with ease.

What Now?

This is just an introduction to how to live off grid. If it’s a life that appeals to you and you’re thinking of going for it, then the next thing to do is simply keep researching! You’re going to have such a huge shift in lifestyles and the more you know before you embark on your adventure, the better.

If you are going off grid, be sure to check out our website for tons of business advice to make sure you have a solid income while you live a free life.