Sibling rivalry has been present since the beginning of time, and it’s unlikely to stop anytime soon. And though it’s nice to think that the tragedy of losing a loved one will bring a family closer together, this happens much less often than it should when beneficiaries are involved.

The question, then, is how can you provide for your loved ones in the event of your death while helping to maintain the peace between them? Setting up a trust and linking up with a trust administration company can help, as these steps provide the following benefits.

A Trust Offers Advantages Over a Will

One of the great things about a trust is that you get to specify exactly how your assets are divided, when they are given, and even how they can be spent. For example, you might not want your kids to receive their entire inheritance at once. Maybe you’d prefer that they receive a set amount each year, some of which is given while you’re still alive. A trust allows you to do this.

Or perhaps you have a grandchild with a medical condition or special needs. You want to provide for their care or special education, but are concerned that their parents won’t put all of the money toward that cause. A trust allows you to ensure any money intended for that purpose goes only to that purpose.

A trust is also set up to treat all beneficiaries equally unless you specify otherwise. This can be a great way to ensure no one feels left out or like they’ve been treated unfairly – unless you intend for that to occur.

Two other benefits are that trusts do not have to go through probate court and they can lower your estate taxesThis helps maximize the amount your beneficiaries receive and get it to them much more quickly than wills that must go through probate. All of this can lead to less tension boiling over.

A Trust Administration Offers a Hands-Off Approach

There can be issues that arise when a beneficiary is responsible for administering a will. Whether they manage the task properly or not, it can leave other beneficiaries wondering if they’ve been treated fairly. Fights and even court battles ensue. The next thing you know, the family is torn apart. Additionally, the beneficiary in charge of administering the will is burdened with great deal of responsibility at a time when they should be free to grieve.

You can forego all of these issues by working with a trust administrator. Their sole responsibilities are to follow your instructions completely and manage your assets with your beneficiaries’ best interests in mind. They are to be completely fair to all beneficiaries, meaning that, unless you specify otherwise, all beneficiaries will be treated equally. This minimizes and, often, eradicates the source of many family feuds related to inheritances.

Additionally, they take care of any debts, legal claims, and so on upon your death or incapacitation. This takes the burden off of your loved ones, allowing them the time they need to grieve.

Don’t leave the peace and protection of your loved ones to chance. Create a brighter future by working with a trust administrator to carry out your wishes.