According to a survey conducted by Mulberrys Garment Care, Americans do 4-5 loads of laundry a week. Besides being picky about washing the whites and colors separately, delicate garments on gentle cycle, and hanging clothes to dry, some laundry enthusiasts also have a particular preference for types of laundry detergent.

Powder laundry detergent was first on the scene and if you’ve never used it, you might be wondering, “How does powder laundry detergent work?” It seems to take a back seat to the more popular liquid detergent, but is one better than the other? That depends on a number of factors.

Are you trying to decide on powder vs. liquid laundry detergent? What’s the difference? Which one should you use? Keep reading as we explain what you need to know.

The Good and The Bad

You might have a lot of questions about which type of detergent is better for getting out stains, better for your washing machine, more economical, better for a septic system, or better for clothing fabric. Let’s look at each type and compare.

Powder Detergent

The first plus for powder detergent is that it is more economical compared to liquid detergent. It is lighter in weight so less expensive to transport and easier to make, passing the savings on to the consumer.

It’s also better for muddy or grassy stains. It has a longer shelf life so easier to stock up on if it’s on sale.

On the downside, it doesn’t dissolve very well in cold water and undissolved chunks may build up in the washing machine. The undissolved detergent may also leave white stains on your clothes. Do an extra rinse cycle to avoid that problem.

Liquid Detergent

Based on its popularity, liquid detergent is viewed as a more convenient option. It’s easier to pour a liquid than scoop and measure powder especially when pretreating a stain.

It works better on greasy or oily stains and dissolves at any wash temperature. It is also better for your septic system because it won’t cause build-up or blockages.

Remember to use the proper amount of liquid detergent to avoid too many suds and residue in your washer.

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Powder vs. Liquid Laundry Detergent: Which Will You Choose?

When deciding on powder vs. liquid laundry detergent, take into account their differences as well the type of water you have going into your home. Liquid laundry detergent works better to get your clothes clean when you have untreated hard water. Powder detergents are more reactive with the mineral in hard water and won’t clean as well.

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