The energy generated from the sun is a usable source of energy known as the solar energy. The solar energy is electric and thermal. Now a days the most common method of using the solar energy is through photovoltaic solar panels. The panel converts sun rays into electricity which can be used by us. Solar energy is also used to heat indoors by using thermal energy.

In this modern era, many commercial and residential owners have come up with the idea of installing solar hot water systems and are building the complex in such a way that it can use passive solar heat for the building. Thus, taking full advantage of the solar Darwin.

Types of Solar Power Panel Installation

The Solar panels installation is done based on three aspects: commercial, utility and residential projects. People install their solar panels in residential complex on the rooftops or open area. You acquire 5 to 20(kW) of electricity generally but it also depends on the size of the complex. Commercial projects are in done in huge scale and greater in size as it is required for commercial purpose for businesses.

Utility projects are very large in scale and it acquires several megawatts of energy as it caters to large number of utility clients. Some people who cannot install solar panels at their property you get the option of community solar panels that directly connects you to a utility solar energy plant which caters to residential clients. In this manner residents can avail the feature of solar energy without installing solar panels on their property.

Solar Energy Work Flow

The solar panels are made of layers of silicon cells, glass casing unit, metal frame and wires which transmits electric energy. The conductive property of silicon allows it to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity which can be used by us. This process is known as photovoltaic effect.  Search of usable energy source started in 1839 by Edmond Becquerel and was known to be a property of semi-conductors which use to show such features when light hits them.

Renewable Power

The Solar energy is known as a renewable source of energy which is clean and inexpensive. And can be produced in any part of the world when the sunlight hits the earth. Solar energy is produced by sun and hence it is infinite or limitless. With solar energy we now can save on our fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas which all of us have been using to produce electricity since the beginning.

It saves the earth from further environmental pollution and provides us the same advantages we have been using while using the electricity. Many countries still have a lot of use of electricity generated by fossil fuels a lot of initiatives have been taken to now use renewable sources of energy to conserve our depleting resources.

Solar Batteries and Vehicles The feature old solar batteries is to store electricity which can be used during periods when there is a low production of solar energy. Many companies have also come up with vehicle which can run on solar powered batteries.