Any good marketer or business owner knows that quality ad copy is key to generating conversions. However, curating ad copy that sells is not an easy task (and is often very time consuming). So much so that up to 64% of B2B marketers rely on outsourcing e.g. from a copywriter or blog writing service, to meet their needs. Luckily, in this guide we break down the core tips, tricks and tools you need to create ad copy that converts. Let’s dive in. 

Top Tips for Copywriting

So, you want to create killer ad copy for all your advertising campaigns. But how do you do this effectively? We break down our top tips cross-platform, to keep you on top of the ball and never behind the competition. 

  • Stay within the character limits 

When creating ad copy, whether it be for Google, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, you need to keep it short, sweet and within character counts. For example, on LinkedIn you need to stay within 155 intro text and a 70 headline. If you go over these limits, particularly in the intro text, your copy will be truncated. If someone clicks “see more” you will pay for the click, without them even going through to your landing page. Regardless of the platform – it’s key that you stay within the character limits to achieve the best results. 

  • Aim for direct and concise 

Following on from the above, it’s important to not only keep your copy within the channel character limits, but also generally direct and to the point. Your messaging, key value proposition and CTA should be crystal clear and there should be absolutely no room for confusion or obfuscation. Aim for direct, pointed and concise. 

  • Consistency is king 

Your copy also needs to be consistent. This means, consistent with your creative (if there is any), your landing page, your offer and your brand. Your target audience should be able to follow from the copy to the visual and beyond as if it were one, coherent story with no plot holes or inconsistencies and a clear moral. Is your campaign goal to persuade people to book a demo. This should be clear in all campaign touchpoints. 

  • Focus on a clear CTA 

Your CTA is the most important part of your ad copy and should be the centrepoint of everything you do with your copywriting wand. From a first glance, the viewer should be able to know exactly what they are meant to do next. Fill out a form? Book a demo? Sign up for a webinar? Whatever it is – you need to make sure it’s clear and compelling. 

  • Find alignment with your images 

It’s important to find synchronicity between your ad copy and the creative visuals that will go alongside it (if you’re writing for Google Display, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook). Make sure that there is a common thread between the two and that they serve to reinforce and enhance one another. 

That’s it! You’ve read through each of the copywriting tips that will help you create a copy that converts, Wish there was a short-cut to high-performing ad copy? With a database of hand-vetted Australian copywriters, Prozely can manage your end-to-end copywriting process and ensure you get the best results – every time!