If you run a business of a decent size, then you probably don’t get too involved with things like waste management and shopping around to make sure that you’ve gotten the most suitable cleaning product solutions, and that you’re getting a good deal for the money you pay out. But it’s your business, it might be an area that you at least want to dip your toe into.

Ask your staff

If you run a one-man band, then consulting with yourself might need to be done in private, for your own self-preservation. If you have a few people on board, a dedicated cleaner, or team of cleaners then they are going to love this part.

It’s important that you know the overruling regulations and guidelines surrounding waste management, however you pay people who should know more about the subject than you do, they are the people who can provide you with the best information and advice regarding things like cleaning trolleys, based upon experience, and they’ll love the fact that you’ve asked!


Sure, there are going to be those items, or products that you have to buy, your hardest bit is making a choice of provider, colour or how you’re going to pay for said goods and services. On the other hand, there are also bits of equipment that can make your staffs lives a whole load easier, on the other hand there are also certain products, or pieces of equipment that might turn their job into a daily nightmare.

For example, imagine how much floor space your cleaning team must cover each day, how many steps do they take, does being stood on their feet at all times affect them, or does bending down into certain positions to reach into a hard-to-reach area of your establishment to try and clean as effectively as possible do their body any good?

Ease of movement

It’s all about movement apparently, good joints, and bones equal a longer, happier, more productive lifestyle, hence why olive oil is praised so much, and Italian people seem to live the longest. It’s another reason why you might have an occupational therapist for your office staff, and they do less movement, even the hamper they got you was ordered from their seats!

Additional features

Some of the trolleys that are available for you to purchase feature a space for seating, some have automated features which rely on electrical motors, a battery and circuitry. It all really depends upon the scale of your premises, and the needs of your workers. Be sure to speak with them to ensure that you make the most informed purchasing decisions.

Speaking with your staff

When you approach staff to speak with them, some may not be able to communicate as well as others, and when a boss asks if there is anything that they need to make their job easier, nearly every person is going to have wants. Things that would be cool to have but they aren’t needed and could be very costly. Be sure to go into this with your needs/wants analysis cap on.