Knowledge comes from learning. To be more creative and productive, experts suggests that you have to keep on learning new ideas and concepts that can help you in that regard.

However, learning consumes a lot of time. Reading books and learning a new skill almost seems impossible, especially if your schedule is full to the brim. If you can relate to this struggle then you are in the right place as we’ll be discussing the some of the most active learning strategies that you can start using in your busy life.

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Here are the learning strategies that you’ve been waiting for:

Know your commitments

Commitments are great for keeping us on track for success. However, it is more common for most of us to be carried away by some commitments and forget the others. To avoid this, note down all your commitments and prioritize working on each one at a time. This way you will create more time and focus more on actively learning and developing new skills fast.

Try the long-term learning orientation

Studies show that having a long-term learning orientation is better compared that a short lived one. So, planning and adopting a long-term strategy prepares you to actively keep on learning even when you don’t feel like it, because it turns into one of your regular habits.

Don’t rely on motivation

It’s nearly becoming human nature to wait for motivation for one to execute a task. This shouldn’t be the case. Instead of waiting for that motivation to come your way, note down your goals for learning and plan how to achieve them. Repeating this new cycle helps you to follow your goals consciously and continue learning actively.

Openly talk about it

Talking about that skill that you’re developing might sound a little bizarre but it’s a proven method to keep you excited about what you are doing as well as inspiring progress.

Use reputable sources for learning

Active learning requires use of other people’s knowledge in that field. However, we are all accustomed to the idea of googling everything and to help you get better on that new skill, you must consider using books and articles written by reputable experts in whatever niche you’re interested in.

Compete with others

Competitions are one of the best ways to measure your progress and overall performance. To measure if your active learning strategy is working, always participate in different competitions and gauge your performance from the outcome before taking things a notch higher.

Reward and punish yourself accordingly

Given our love for incentives, it’s appropriate for you to put a reward/punishing system in place so that you can find a reason to continue with your active learning process.

Practice time management

The way we use time dictates who we are. That said, plan to use more time when your concentration is high and take short breaks when you feel overwhelmed.

Volunteer and practice

Practice makes perfect. To make the most of what you’re learning simply volunteer locally and apply everything that you’ve learnt. Think of it as a practical session for your active learning process.

Adopt the use of visualizations

Visualizations undeniably make any learning process lively. Revamp yours by incorporating them in your program and let them work their magic.

Practice journaling

Journaling helps people keep track of their progress and it literally feeds off your conscious mind. Keeping a regular journal about our progress helps cement whatever you’ve previously learnt.

Don’t give up

Giving up is for quitters and you aren’t one, are you? Remember our commitments earlier, stick by them and everything will be worthwhile.