For every commercial business, marketing is the base mainframe to get out and reach further than yesterday. To develop such a brand, the business must have well-ordered functional elements set up. It includes proper staff, well-preserved records, and data about the events planned for the future.

An important tip that businesses today adopt is converting audio-video into a written format. It helps to add the transcription to the visual of the same. Hence an improvised marketing strategy. Before moving further, let us see what is transcription and how transcription is a useful tool for business meetings.

What Is Transcription?

Transcription is the practice of representing an audio-visual in written or text format. It requires the transcriptionist to do good research about various topics to be familiar with the vocabulary. Also, a good simultaneous listening and typing rate is vital.

Why You Should Record Business meetings?

Before moving on to few facts about transcription, we must understand why you should record business meetings. Recording meetings allows minimizing the time taken for discussions between employees.

It improves the effectiveness of the commitment done. Some other reasons for which business meetings should be recorded are as below.

1.  Improves Focus and Participation

Since the meeting gets recorded, employees do not have to make tedious notes of the whole meeting. This saves the time spent on such distractions. It could be taken as an opprtunity by leaders to ask employees to actively participate in the meeting.

2.  Understand the Flow of Steps

In case you need to understand how a particular decision was taken or what steps were involved, having a complete record of all the comcerned meetings helps. It is especially vital when fiscal quarters come to an end or during some important project.

3.  Collect Insights

It is well-known fact that a completed task viewed later on shows many missed insights that be important for the company. The recordings of meetings carried until now could be used for modifying some of the missed parts, and revising some parts for the next project.

Business meetings and Transcription

Transcription is quite a powerful tool that could be used for turning the business around. Today, transcription is an effective strategy used for marketing purposes.

An important sector for which transcription is used is business meetings. Converting business meetings to transcripts has many advantages.

Provides an option To Those Who Prefer To Read

For those who can grasp well what they read, transcription is an important tool for them. Also, for those with hearing impairment, it is the only option. Also, although video provides visual relief, the audio sensory nerves help with multi-tasking.

Reading a summary or skimming through the minutes of meeting is much easier than what is spoken.

Helps Categorize Content

The transcript of business meetings could be archived and stored with category for a particular project. Transcript could be used to easily prepare an index of the meetings. This could be a support material, to be used as a reference in the future.


Audio and visual senses are the two most vital senses to human understanding. They are also the most widely preferred senses for leaving a mark of any revolution. However, in businesses, the revolution that has to be stored and marked for future is business meeting.

An important way of doing so is by storing the meetings in recorded video forms. Hence, they can be used by employees to cross-check and review. additionally, transcripts are a way to make the task more easier. Transcription of these recorded meetings and filing them will allow a better access to them in the future.