Having a website gives you a sense of pride that you now have a digital footprint. Also, you have a storefront in the digital landscape that represents you, your values, and your products/services. However, it can get quite annoying when your website is slow and become a nuisance for those who open it on their devices. You have checked it on desktops, tablets, and even smartphones but it just seems slow. Snir Hananya says that a slow website is one of the biggest reasons of low traffic on your website.

As they say, if you know the problem, you can solve it. So, if there is an expert who is willing to share their secrets about your website’s slow speed, you should readily receive this information. Let’s see what Snir Hananya has to say about the annoying speeds of your web pages.

Your Website Code Is Not Lean

One of the first reasons your website is running slow is that your code is not the best. Yes, it might be hard for you to understand how coding can slow your website down, but that’s the truth. There are different ways to write codes. The same feature on a website can be written in many different ways. There are lean codes that are small and very quick for your web browser to pick. On the other hand, you have long codes that your browsers take a long time to pick. Furthermore, the language that is used for coding also matters.

The best experts recommend that you have your website code thoroughly checked by someone with coding knowledge. They will help you trim all the extra coding behind your web pages and make your website faster. Don’t forget your website’s speed has a direct impact on your Google ranking.

You Have Subpar Hosting

You thought you had created the perfect website that look great and has amazing functionality. You think you have done the best job of creating such a great website, but you are forgetting something. The hosting service you choose has a great impact on the loading speeds of your website. That’s because the hosting service provider dedicates certain resources to your website. If they are not hosting your website on powerful servers and don’t dedicate enough internet bandwidth and RAM, your website will always load slowly.

Another thing that will have an effect on your website’s speed is the number of websites the hosting company has on the server. When you are starting out, you have to go with shared hosting. Some companies host more companies on the server than they should. Cramming up too many websites on the same server results in slow speeds.You want to avoid that situation at all costs. Try another host with their trial service. If your website speeds improve, you should consider changing the hosting service.

You Have Created the Website Yourself

Another reason your website is so slow is that you have chosen to create your own website. You heard about a great website builder and thought you could use it yourself to create your website. The problem with such website builders is that they are not using the lean code. At the same time, when you are designing the website yourself, you are not really aware of the best website building services. As a result, you create a website that looks good but is not that great in terms of loading speeds. Snir Hananya recommends that you always go with a professional website design service to avoid such consequences.

Final Thoughts

A slow website is detrimental to your business. When your website loads slow, your website visitors close yours and open a different website. This gives Google the hint that your website isn’t great, causing the search engine to move it to other pages than the first one. If you want to avoid such a situation, you have to make sure to let only the best professionals design your website for you.