If you are a fashion enthusiast, you must have come across the term fast fashion. But what exactly is fast fashion? What does it entail? How did Fashion Nova dominate it? Let’s unfold the answers to these questions.

What Is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is a buzz phrase in the fashion industry, describing low-priced but incredibly stylish outfits that move quickly from the design phase to the retail stores with a surprisingly high rate of newness.

For the consumers, fast fashion revolves around cheap, trendy clothing designs that match the latest styles in the fashion world. On the other hand, for the manufacturers, the idea behind fast fashion is to get new designs released to the market as fast as possible so that shoppers can get a hand on them while they are still at the peak of their popularity.

The logic behind fast fashion is that repeating outfits is a fashion blunder and that if you want to remain relevant in the current generation, you’ve to stay on top when it comes to fashion trends.

Generally, fast fashion brings with it incredible affordability that has seen the ‘death’ of some overpriced designer outfits. It’s now time for affordable ultra-fast fashion!

How Did Fashion Nova Dominate Fast Fashion

So how did this global fashion brand gain dominance in fast fashion?

  1. High Rate of Newness

Since its launch in 2006 by its founder and current CEO Richard Saghian, Fashion Nova has managed to stay ahead of its competitors, thanks to its high rate of newness.

In one of his interviews, Saghian revealed that the brand has a chain of over 1,000 top-performing manufacturers who play a huge role in its high rate of newness. Most of these manufacturers are located in Los Angeles and are able to whip up an outfit within 24 hours from the original concept. From here, the outfits are then made photograph-ready for the in-house models within another 24 hours, after which they are flooded on the brand’s social media feeds.

This high rate of newness gives Fashion Nova’s fans a wide variety of options to choose from. Besides, the shoppers always expect something from this fastest-growing fashion house. The high rate of newness in a fast-paced market has helped Fashion Nova dominate the fast fashion industry.

  1. Size Inclusivity

As if the high rate of production isn’t enough, the company goes ahead to produce the outfits in a huge assortment of colors and sizes to satisfy the needs of different clients in the market.

Most of Fashion Nova’s pieces come in a wide range of sizes extending from XS to 3X and sometimes 4X depending on the design. This size inclusivity has made Fashion Nova a go-to fashion brand for people of all sizes and shapes whose needs were initially neglected by the existing brands.

This size inclusivity means anyone can get a trendy, stylish outfit from Fashion Nova regardless of their body size and shape. And while this has helped this fashion brand win over the hearts of many shoppers, it has also played a huge role in its market dominance.

  1. Incredible Affordability

We can’t talk about Fashion Nova’s industry dominance without mentioning its incredible affordability. Fashion Nova uses a consumer-friendly pricing mechanism where most of its products retail for below $50. Since fast fashion comes with a lot of impulse buying, Nova’s affordability makes it easy for shoppers to get outfits as soon as they are released without breaking their budget. With this, Fashion Nova has grown to become the latest obsession among the trending fast fashion brands.

Since its launch, Fashion Nova has always been a step up from its competitors in terms of rate of newness, size inclusivity, and affordability, which has helped it dominate the fast fashion industry.