These days there are all kinds of gamblers in the world, as the 21st century really has ended up being somewhat of a dream come true for the gambling community, mainly because of the emergence of online casinos. Whereas people simply had to visit brick and mortar casinos in person if they wanted to gamble back in the 20th century, nowadays all you have to do is open up your computer or mobile phone, find an online casino site, and you’re away! 

This has naturally resulted in a huge increase in gamblers across the board, something that has also intensified the differences in the way people like to bet. For example, there are plenty of low rollers out there, who much prefer slowly stacking up lots of small wins, but on the other hand the number of high rollers is also increasing dramatically as a result of some of the huge jackpots on offer at the moment. Read on for a lowdown on what it means to be a casino high roller. 

What is a high roller 

So, first things first, what even is a high roller? Well, high roller is the term that gamblers give to people that like to win beg, bet big, and occasionally lose big too. It is undeniably one of the most exciting ways to bet in a casino, however you also have to be careful, because high rollers take a lot of risks, and they can definitely backfire! 

If you have a pungent for placing astronomical bets whilst you are gambling then you are most likely a casino high roller, however it isn’t just enough to place huge bets to be a high roller, you also have to win them too. This is where things get slightly more difficult after all, because if you lose a bet as a high roller you are definitely going to feel it. 

Best games to play as a high roller 

There are definitely some casino games that suit high rollers more than others, and these tend to be the ones with the best odds. Blackjack is always referred to as having the smallest house edge, and high rollers will enjoy the fact that tactics like blackjack card counting can dramatically improve your win rate. The downside is that the prizes on offer during blackjack tend to be smaller than with other games. 

On the other hand you have progressive jackpot slot machines such as the Las Vegas Megabucks machines. These have a much smaller chance of winning on them, however the jackpots can be outrageous in size. 

Positives of being a high roller 

The biggest positive of being a high roller is certainly the fact that the prizes when they do come in will be absolutely huge. Moreover, gambling as a high roller adds to the excitement and tension massively, providing a more fun experience. 

Negatives of being a high roller 

The thing about being a high roller is that you really have to have the bankroll to support it, because losses can be crippling.