Bingo is a game played around the world that has mass appeal. Its roots can be traced back to a lotto game from Italy that was invented in 1530. The appeal of bingo is far reaching and people from all walks of life and backgrounds have been known to indulge in a bingo game or two. Bingo appeals to the young and old, although newer forms of bingo such as rave bingo have alienated bingo traditionalists. Bingo is the most sociable of any gambling games and even the social element is preserved online. And remember, players must be familiar with bingo strategy to get a win!

Famous Faces and Bingo 

Gambling has attracted famous faces throughout history. The comedy great Oliver Hardy was a huge fan of gambling and loved horseracing. More recently Ben Affleck has spoken of his love for the popular card game Black Jack and Jennifer Tilly is famous for her love of all things Poker. The game of bingo has not gone under the radar of the rich and famous either and some A-list mega stars have expressed their love for the game. 

The Welsh Star and Bingo 

Catherine Zeta –Jones is a famous welsh actress that went from stage musicals such as Annie, to staring in Hollywood blockbuster movies next to legends such as Sean Connery. TV fans will know her from the hit UK ITV drama The Darling Buds Of May but her career highlights include starring roles in movies such as Entrapment, Chicago, Traffic, Ocean’s Twelve and The Mask Of Zorro. She is also the wife of Hollywood heavy weight Michael Douglas. Not a lot of people know just how important bingo is to Catherine’s life. She actually has her father and bingo to thank for her career, as her dad once won £100,000 at a bingo hall and used the money to get his daughter all the training she needed to pursue her career in the Arts. The Welsh actress still loves the game of bingo and hosts regular bingo parties at her home. 

Russell Crowe 

Oscar winning actor Russell Crowe hit the Hollywood big time with his starring role in Ridley Scott’s historical epic Gladiator. The Hollywood A-list actor has often spoken of his fondness for bingo and he isn’t shy of making random appearances at bingo halls to the surprise of staff and punters alike. 

The Royal Fans 

Bingo has broad appeal that crosses class boundaries, so much so, that even members of the UK Royal Family have fallen for the game. Prince William has been spotted playing bingo and even the Queen who loves her horse racing, has been known to enjoy a private game. 

Other Famous Bingo Players 

Other famous faces that love bingo include comedian Ricky Tomlinson, who was Jim Royle in The Royle Family. The actor and funny man from Liverpool, loves the game of bingo and has even released an interactive bingo game on DVD. Fellow comedian Vic Reeves who is also an accomplished actor is an avid fan of bingo and he has been the face of 888 Ladies, an online bingo venture, in the past.