Ah, Yelp.

The ultimate resource for finding yummy eats when we’re in a rush, our go-to for finding massages, and tire repair shops, and competent wax professionals all in one.

Who doesn’t love Yelp, right?

If you’re a local business, reviews on Yelp are the best way to boost trade and attract customers.

But if you haven’t yet utilized this feature on Yelp, you’re missing out. In this article, we outline how to find reviews easily on the interface.

Let’s get into it.

Where to Find a Review

Yelp reviews are easy to find.

Begin by clicking on your profile and then on the ‘posts’ button. You should then see a log of all your recent posts, conversations, and other interactions.

If you can’t find your post, this might be due to a couple of reasons. The three main reasons for not finding a review are:

  • Your review got flagged or is not recommended
  • Your review is saved as a draft – therefore, unpublished
  • You need to confirm your account by validating your email address

The providers may also remove reviews if they violate the terms of service.

Post a Review on Yelp

Want to write a review on Yelp? It’s super easy!

Simply click on the notepad button on your homepage.

Here, you’ll be prompted to enter text, give a rating, and add images.

Add the details you wish to and click post. You’re all done!

Yelp Reviews for Business

Having an excellent star rating and reviews is a great way to impact your business positively. Bad Yelp reviews have been known to ruin businesses!

Following are the main benefits of good Yelp reviews for local businesses:

  • Greater social capital
  • Better awareness
  • Organic promotion
  • Word of mouth spread
  • Goodwill and satisfied customers

And remember – you don’t just want any Yelp reviews; you want good ones. So be sure to ask your customers to leave a review to boost your business the easy way!

Wondering on the best way of using Yelp to your advantage?

Be sure to activate your Yelp page for starters! If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, a ‘find us on Yelp’ sign never hurts.

You can also post a Yelp deal or event for some easy publicity and traffic.

Reviews on Yelp Are a Convenient Hack to Everyday Life You Need

Yelp is the ultimate guide to the best to see and do around you. There’s a reason it is one of the most popular review sites out there!

But if you want to know which business to trust, reviews on Yelp are the easiest way to find out. Customers share their experiences daily, which allows you to make an informed decision with ease.

And if you’re a consumer, be sure to give back to the community too! Be sure to leave a review on Yelp today.

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